Understanding Power, Corruption, Politics, AI, Religion, Tribalism & Free Speech | Sam Harris

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Join me for a conversation that is going to push some buttons and shine light on the realities of society, social media and the current human condition. From his viral TED Talk to his controversial takes on religion, Sam Harris is renowned for his work in philosophy, neuroscience, and atheism, making you rethink everything you thought you knew.

Together, we dive into the heart of our current sociopolitical climate, power, corruption, religion and free speech. We raise piercing questions about media influence, echo chambers, and the rising tide of conspiracy theories. Can we stop the rising wave of irrationality and evil? And what role does consensus play in our understanding of major events?

This episode invites you to consider the role of information overload and social media dynamics in shaping our worldviews. Become part of the discussion as we unpack the complex layers of today’s society.

We uncover the breakdown of sensemaking and the urgent need for consensus is imperative in understanding and responding aptly to major events. It’s an eye-opening examination you won’t want to miss.

Watch the full episode to discover the one actionable takeaway that will help you navigate the complexities of the modern world, a revelation you cannot afford to miss. Are you ready to step out of your echo chamber and confront reality head-on? Tune in as we specifically unpack why:

– Twitter is the wrong place for useful conversation.
– The truth is no longer the truth and our trust in experts has been shattered.
– Freedom of Speech Under Fire: Is Our Right to Speak Up Facing Extinction?
– Unmasking the 2024 Election Deepfake Dilemma is a High Priority
– Cliffhanger Clips: Fueling the Fire of Partisan Warfare


The Internet is big enough and friction free enough such that you can be a complete lunatic who everyone knows is a complete lunatic. And yet you create an ecosystem that enough people love. And you can figure out how to monetize it. You can have an audience of a million people forever”

“Freedom of speech and freedom of reach are different things”

“We’re getting people so anti-establishment that they are effectively lunatics in positions of real power.”

“Science is deeply flawed and yet is better than any other part of culture with respect to how we play this game of just letting ideas collide against one another.”

“I didn’t see a benefit to my staying there. It’s just the wrong space in which to try to have a conversation….”

“They don’t really care what their enemy has said or meant to say. What they want to do is they want to hold them to the worst possible interpretation of what they said and make that stick.”

“You should be able to be as wrong as you want to be, but we don’t have to algorithmically boost those errors.”

We should be very wary of being driven by tribalism.”

“There’s almost nothing you can say about Trump that is true and awful that his supporters care about.”

“We’re going to recognize that the Internet is completely broken and we just don’t know what’s real.”

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