Turning Boys Into Men: Why Young Men ARE LOST In Life & How To Become A 1% Man | Justin Waller

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By the end of today’s episode, we may ruffle some feathers, BUT you’ll have a much better understanding of WHY so many men are feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, and under-appreciated.

Justin Waller, the CEO and founder of RedIron, a metal construction company with an unprecedented all-women construction management team, breaks down why social media and social expectations are creating weak men. Justin is acclaimed for his well-articulated discussions on societal norms, masculinity, and why modern men NEED to realize their self worth and establish their value.

And if you think men are lost because of women, money and cars, think again! We’re digging into the ‘JWaller’s Philosophy’ to explore WHY men have lost their strength, their value, and joy and consider some options for turning this around.

One of my favorite quotes from Oscar Wilde, “Everything is about sex, except sex, sex is about power,” is the launch pad for an intriguing discussion about relationships, the power dynamic of boss-babes and men that aren’t masculine enough.

The central theme of our conversation today revolves around the necessity for men to establish and value their self-worth, aspire for personal fulfillment and learn how to cultivate a wholesome lifestyle.

Don’t miss this conversation about the discipline, strength and respect for men aspiring for personal fulfillment. If you were ever interested in the ‘Redpill’ or ‘Manosphere’ philosophies, or trying to relate better to the men in your life, this is the episode for you.


“The more strong men we build in this world, the better for men, and as a result, the better for women.”

“There’s a really important part of the male and female dynamic where you get to be the hero, you get to be the one saving the day, you get to be the one solving all the problems.”

“What makes me happy is working on the man I’m going to become.”

“If you keep fighting you’re going to be really proud of the man you’re going to become.”

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