Top 4 AI Tools for Engineers that are ACTUALLY useful

Top 4 AI Tools for Engineers that are ACTUALLY useful

Learn about useful AI tools in DevOps and Cloud to speed up coding, optimize cloud costs or drastically improve your monitoring and security systems

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AI is the hottest topic right now. And AI tools are being developed for all areas, including different IT fields. And since you are on the TechWorld with Nana channel, we will be talking about the AI tools specifically for DevOps and Cloud use cases.

To make it more interesting and valuable for you, I decided to focus on categories of AI tools, like monitoring, security instead of just comparing random or most popular AI tools.

Plus I’m gonna give you my honest experience of using these tools in my actual DevOps projects and explain why I’m not the biggest fan of AI tools right now.

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00:00 – Intro and Overview
01:42 – Our AI Expectations – Status of AI Tools
04:19 – 1st: AI Code Assistants – AI Code Editor
07:25 – 2nd: AI powered Monitoring
12:05 – 3rd: AI powered Security
15:26 – 4th: AI powered Cloud Optimization
17:10 – My personal opinion on AI tools (currently!)

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