Linux on Windows……Windows on Linux

Linux on Windows......Windows on Linux

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Dive into the power of WSL 2 with NetworkChuck! Learn how to seamlessly run Linux on Windows, including Ubuntu and Kali Linux, with full GUI support and GPU access. This comprehensive guide covers everything from basic installation to advanced features like Docker integration, custom configurations, and backing up your WSL instances. Discover how to use Linux commands in Windows and vice versa, making your development environment more versatile than ever. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this video will teach you new tricks to supercharge your WSL experience.

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00:00 – Intro: Linux on Windows with WSL
00:46 – WSL Requirements and Setup
02:02 – Two-Minute WSL Install
04:24 – Installing Additional Linux Distros
05:54 – Running Windows Commands in Linux
07:23 – Accessing Linux Files in Windows
08:23 – GUI Apps in WSL
10:26 – Full Kali Linux Desktop with WinKEX
11:29 – Using VS Code with WSL
12:22 – Docker in WSL
14:40 – GPU Access in WSL
15:15 – WSL Configuration Files
18:40 – Networking in WSL
21:43 – Backing Up and Restoring WSL Instances

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1. How to install WSL 2 on Windows
2. Running Ubuntu and Kali Linux on Windows
3. WSL 2 GUI support and GPU access
4. Using Linux commands in Windows
5. Docker integration with WSL 2
6. Custom WSL configurations
7. Backing up and restoring WSL instances
8. WSL 2 vs Virtual Machines
9. Linux development environment on Windows
10. WSL 2 performance optimization
11. Accessing Windows files from Linux
12. Running GUI applications in WSL 2
13. WSL 2 networking configuration
14. Kali Linux hacking tools in WSL
15. VS Code integration with WSL 2
16. WSL 2 for web development
17. Systemd support in WSL 2
18. WSL 2 file system performance
19. Multi-distro setup in WSL 2
20. WSL 2 for cybersecurity professionals
21. Importing and exporting WSL distros
22. WSL 2 command line tricks
23. WSL 2 for DevOps workflows
24. Customizing WSL 2 terminal appearance

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