this has been stressing me out…..but not anymore!!

this has been stressing me out.....but not anymore!!

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Dive into the world of IT monitoring with NetworkChuck as he explores the powerful capabilities of What’s Up Gold. Learn how to monitor everything from servers and routers to gaming PCs and even your toilet! This video covers essential protocols like SNMP and WMI, setting up alerts, and creating custom monitors for your home lab or enterprise network. Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional or just starting out, this tutorial will help you keep your network in check and stress-free. Don’t miss out on these invaluable insights and practical tips!

Video Commands
Allow ICMP and WMI on Windows:

“New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName “Allow ICMPv4-In” -Protocol ICMPv4 -IcmpType 8 -Action Allow”

“Set-NetFirewallRule -DisplayGroup “Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)” -Enabled True”

Monitor Linux GPU
“nvidia-smi –query-gpu=temperature.gpu –format=csv,noheader -i 0”


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**00:00** – Introduction: Network Monitoring Woes
**00:18** – Solving IT Stress with Monitoring
**00:42** – Introducing What’s Up Gold
**01:01** – Overview of IT Monitoring Benefits
**01:23** – Basics of System Monitoring
**01:30** – Understanding Ping for Uptime
**02:00** – Beyond Ping: Comprehensive Monitoring
**02:40** – Key Protocols: WMI and SNMP
**03:23** – Deep Dive into SNMP
**04:01** – Using OIDs for Detailed Monitoring
**05:08** – SNMP in Action: CPU Utilization Example
**06:02** – Configuring SNMP on Linux
**07:03** – Setting Up SNMP Community Strings
**08:11** – Security Concerns with SNMP
**09:19** – Advanced SNMP: Traps and Polling
**10:17** – Installing SNMP on Linux
**11:01** – Configuring SNMP on Synology NAS
**11:58** – SSH and Custom Monitoring
**12:01** – Introduction to WMI for Windows Monitoring
**12:31** – Enabling WMI and ICMP on Windows Firewall
**13:00** – Setting Up Windows User Accounts for WMI
**14:08** – Installing What’s Up Gold on Windows
**14:42** – System Requirements for What’s Up Gold
**15:55** – Downloading and Installing What’s Up Gold Free Edition
**16:22** – Initial Setup and License Key Activation
**17:03** – Discovering Devices on Your Network
**18:51** – Adding SNMP and WMI Credentials
**19:49** – Running a Network Scan
**20:54** – Viewing and Managing Discovered Devices
**21:57** – Creating Network Maps Automatically
**22:42** – Monitoring Specific Devices and Interfaces
**23:39** – Exploring Device Status and Performance Metrics
**24:22** – Customizing Monitors for Specific Needs
**25:15** – Setting Up HTTP Monitor for AI Server
**26:01** – Configuring Alerts for Downtime Notifications
**27:17** – Creating Custom SSH Monitors for GPU Temps
**28:59** – Advanced Features in What’s Up Gold (Paid Version)
**30:35** – Conclusion and Final Thoughts on IT Monitoring

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– NetworkChuck’s IT monitoring tutorial
– How to monitor your network with What’s Up Gold
– Setting up SNMP for network monitoring
– WMI explained for IT professionals
– Best practices for IT monitoring systems
– Custom SSH monitors for GPUs
– Creating alerts in What’s Up Gold
– Home lab monitoring setup guide
– Enterprise network monitoring tools
– Monitoring server performance with SNMP
– How to use WMI for Windows monitoring
– NetworkChuck’s guide to What’s Up Gold
– IT monitoring protocols SNMP and WMI
– Setting up IT alerts and notifications
– Monitoring CPU and memory utilization
– NetworkChuck’s home lab monitoring tips
– Advanced IT monitoring techniques
– How to secure SNMP in your network

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