The Rise Of War: Trump vs Biden, Israel-Palestine, Russia- Ukraine, AI & Elon Musk | Ian Bremmer

The Rise Of War: Trump vs Biden, Israel-Palestine, Russia- Ukraine, AI & Elon Musk | Ian Bremmer

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Is there an existential threat to democracy? Will America see a civil war in 2024?

From the potential consequences for individual countries to the global economy and political system, today’s conversation is not just about asking hard questions, but finding a path forward in times of radicalization, misinformation, and geopolitical turbulence.

Ian Bremmer is a political scientist, author, and entrepreneur focused on global political risk. He is the founder and president of Eurasia Group, a political risk research and consulting firm, and GZERO Media, a digital media company covering global affairs.

In today’s thought-provoking episode, Ian and I go deep into geopolitics as he shares his insights on pressing global issues including:
– the geopolitical stakes of the US election
– what role AI plays in spreading misinformation
– impacts of lies and loss of credibility on governance
– the influence of economic disparity on cultural behaviors
– scenarios for Trump or Biden election victories
– fragmentation risks of NATO and the Ukrainian political system

You can download Eurasia Group’s Top Risks for 2024 report here: https://www.eurasiagroup.net/issues/top-risks-2024

Chapter Markers:

[00:00] Civil war in America
[08:10] Potential impacts of the 2024 election.
[27:34] Problems with the growing income gap.
[34:07] Dark money in American politics
[51:15] Rising tensions in the Middle East
[01:13:09] Guardrails preventing WW3

Powerful Insights From Ian Bremmer:

“It’s not that we’re going to start blowing ourselves up. It’s more that we aren’t capable of having a free and fair election that the entire country believes in anymore.”

“Globalization is absolutely great for the United States, but globalism sucks for the average American.”

“The CDC has taken a massive hit of trust and has become politicized in the United States. And we need to be able to believe our doctors and our scientists, we need that.”

“…In the last 40 years, church membership has fallen off a cliff in the United States. Belief in the church, trust in the church, has gone way down. Just like belief in Congress, the belief in the public school system…just like belief in the judiciary.”

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