Stop Chasing Happiness: Master The Psychology Of Pleasure, Power & Success Instead | Arthur Brooks

Stop Chasing Happiness: Master The Psychology Of Pleasure, Power & Success Instead | Arthur Brooks

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“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…”

You’ve heard this many times before, and yet have you ever wondered why life and liberty are automatically given and assumed while happiness isn’t . Why are millions of people around the world chasing happiness and very few ever “catch” it?

Arthur Brooks is a social scientist, Harvard professor, and bestselling author committed to helping people find success, happiness and deep meaning. He’s such a profound thought-leader in the space that he just released a book with Oprah called Build the Life You Want, The Art and Science of Getting Happier.

We explore a deeply thought-provoking conversation about the pursuit of happiness through progress, learning, and understanding. As simple as the idea of happiness seems on the surface, understanding the complexities of what it means to pursue it, relish tt, and define the meaning of it without attachment and dogmatic viewpoints escapes many people.

Some key areas we dive hard and deep on that I think you will find so interesting are:
1) The role of progress in human flourishing
2) The danger of being attached and dogmatic with your beliefs
3) The importance not allowing your views to define you

What I enjoyed most about our conversation was how far we explored and unpacked in areas that are potentially controversial topics like religious beliefs, political differences, and family schisms. Get ready to challenge your base assumptions and view existential threats from new angles.


“The idea that you can be blissful and happy all the time is not just unrealistic, it’s unhealthy. It would be terrible if you were happy all the time.”

“If you don’t defend your positions, if you admit to the possibility that you’re not right, that you learn and you update when people say things that you think are crazy, you say, tell me more that you’re actually going to get better.”

“Any time you use your values as a weapon, you’ve denigrated their moral content. You’ve eviscerated the effectiveness of your approach. But if you use your values as a gift it might not always be taken in a charitable way.”

“Each of us is an entrepreneur in the startup of our lives. That’s what really matters. And what we need is to always have a clear intention…”

“The best thing that you can possibly do is to think about the emotions that you’re feeling, what they mean and how best to use them.”

“All the things we really want in life. All of our deep desires are complex. All of our solutions are complicated, and we’re throwing complicated solutions at complex problems and we’re not getting happier.”

“They’re not entrepreneurial in the part of life that matters the most, which is their heart.”

““The first one is that there is meaning. You need to find it and live up to it.”

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