Welcome to this comprehensive SQL tutorial course. This course covers the basics of relational databases and SQL, including setting up MySQL, inserting data, and working with aggregation, grouping, and pagination in SQL queries. It also covers advanced topics such as combining tables using joins, executing SQL queries using Python and SQL Alchemy, and solving technical interview questions. By the end of this course, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to excel in SQL.

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Important Links
? Relational Databases notebook – https://jovian.com/aakashns/relational-databases-and-sql
? Advanced SQL Aggregation & Joins notebook – https://jovian.com/aakashns/advanced-sql-aggregation-and-joins
? SQL data file: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/harsha547/ClassicModels-Database-Queries/master/database.sql

A database is an organized collection of structured information, typically stored in the form of tables (rows & columns). Relational databases allow storing and retrieving different kinds of related information e.g. products, customers, and orders for an online shopping site. Structured Query Language or SQL (pronounced “sequel”) is the most widely used language for interacting with relational databases, and is an essential skill for Data Science professionals.

?? Contents ??
?? (0:00:00) Introduction
?? (0:01:28) Relational Databases & SQL
?? (0:03:05) Setting up MySQL
?? (0:29:23) Inserting Data into the Table
?? (0:56:32) Practice Exercises
?? (1:22:12) Aggregation, grouping & pagination in SQL queries
?? (2:23:17) Mapping and Arithmetic Functions
?? (2:54:53) Working with Dates
?? (3:12:16) Combining Tables using Joins
?? (3:30:14) Executing SQL queries using Python and SQL Alchemy
?? (4:11:06) 3 step approach to Interview Questions
?? (4:36:58) Interview Q – Apple
?? (4:38:59) Interview Q – Linkedin
?? (4:43:09) Interview Q – Meta
?? (4:50:41) Interview Q – Uber
?? (4:59:18) Interview Q – Amazon
?? (5:07:27) Interview Q – Google

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