I’m sure you’ve looked at your favorite website and wondered just how the web designer (team?) who created it worked their magic. Everything just seems to work so perfectly together. The colors, the images, the icons…it all just falls into place!

If you’ve asked yourself those questions, then you definitely need to find out what it takes to become one of those web designers creating beautiful websites every day. And making an awesome living doing it!

In The Beginner’s Guide to Landing a Junior Web Design Job, you’ll find out:

  • The role of a junior designer on a tech team
  • 14 specific junior designer job titles to look for
  • The exact skills you need to start your first job as a web designer
  • What you can create with beginner tech skills

So stop wondering what it takes to get hired in your first junior designer job, and start marking things off the list. Download The Beginner’s Guide to Landing a Junior Web Design Job below.

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