Single cPanel Account Backup via SSH


If you need to backup a single cPanel account, and don’t want to do it through the web interface of cPanel you can do it through SSH. There is a script in the /scripts directory on cPanel webservers called “pkgacct”

1. Login to your server as root via SSH.

2. Type: cd /scripts

3. Type: ./pkgacct username
(replace username with the acount username you wish to backup)

4. You will not see something along the lines of this:
Copying Reseller Config…Done
Copying Mail files….Done
Copying proftpd file….Done
Copying www logs…Done
Grabbing mysql dbs…Done
Grabbing mysql privs…Done
Copying mailman lists….Done
Copying mailman archives….Done
Copying homedir….Done

5. There will be a file now in /home called cpmove-username.tar.gz where username is the username specified in step #4.

6. Download the cpmove-username.tar.gz and save it.
(You can use your FTP software to login to the server and download the file)

Ho To restore a cpmove-username.tar.gz

1. Upload cpmove-username.tar.gz to the webserver’s /home directory.
(You can use your FTP software to login to the server and upload the file)

2. Type: /scripts/restorepkg username
(replace username with the account username)

This will restore the site, and also create the cPanel account.