Showcase Your Skills With These 15 Free Portfolio Templates


Whether you’re freelancing or looking for a full-time gig, a spectacular portfolio is a must-have when you want to get hired. Sure, a great resume and cover letter are important, but if your portfolio doesn’t stand up and show off your skills, your chances of landing the job are zilch.

That’s when a portfolio website template can save the day. Rather than having to start from scratch, you can use a pre-made template to save time and get a portfolio website up ASAP.

Below are 15 FREE portfolio website templates you can get started with right away. Some are built on Bootstrap (a starter framework that doesn’t require a content management system) and others are for WordPress (the most popular CMS on the planet).

Bootstrap Portfolio Templates

1. Creative

First up: a bootstrap portfolio template that’s ideal for keeping things simple. This is a great one-page design that’s mobile-optimized and flexible, so you can keep the attention on your work.


Download the template here

2. Agency

We love this bootstrap portfolio template because it’s bold and playful but still easy to find what matters. With clear call-to-actions and a simple top navigation, give this a go if you’re looking for an agency feel (even if “agency” actually means you’re a one-person team).


Download the template here

3. Black and White

This portfolio template is about as minimal as it gets—and that’s ideal. It’s an especially great option if you mostly need to link out to the work you’ve created (the beautiful typography makes that easy and aesthetically pleasing). So web developers? This is one for you.


Download the template here

4. IT Worker

Another good option for web developers or even digital marketers, this bootstrap template lets you play up language or data-driven results over design or visual work. Want to include some client testimonials? No problem. There’s room for a Services page as well. Go with this if you’re seeking a portfolio website template that lets you show off different types of work (so for all you tech professionals out there who do a mix of UX or UI design, web development and who knows what else).


Download the template here

5. Agency

Bold, beautiful, classy. If you want to take your branding to a new, professional level, this bootstrap template will give your portfolio website the feel of a full service agency.


Download the template here

WordPress Portfolio Templates

6. Activello

Next up is our first WordPress portfolio template. If you love working in WordPress (or are a student taking our WordPress course), using a WordPress website as a portfolio of your work is a great way to show off your know-how in interactive ways. In this case, Activello is bold but minimal, so you can keep the focus on the work you’re doing.


Download the template here

7. Hatch

Ideal for anyone who has a highly visual body of work (photographers, web designers, illustrators…), Hatch is a WordPress theme that’s great for a portfolio website where you want to show off a little.


Download the template here

8. Asteria Lite

This is a great portfolio template for web developers in particular because it keeps the focus on your projects without distracting visitors with unnecessary splashy visuals. (Hence the “Lite” part of the WordPress theme name).


Download the template here

9. Gridster Lite

Grid-based (obviously) and straightforward (again, obviously), use this WordPress theme when you want your visitors to dive straight into your work.


Download the template here

10. Snaps

This is another WordPress theme that requires some hi-res images, but it’s well worth it. A portfolio website template for bold visuals, you can also include social links (if that’s your thing).


Download the template here

11. Adapt

Sometimes less is more, and this simple WordPress theme proves just that. It’s a great portfolio website for showing off coding or other tech projects.


Download the template here

12. Orvis

We like how unexpected this portfolio site template is, especially the reversal of gray and white. It’s muted but also bold (look at that font!) and a great template for showing off visual design or related work.


Download the template here

13. Revolve

A unique template with a right-aligned navigation structure, try this portfolio theme if you want to highlight powerful imagery.


Download the template here

14. Portfolio Gallery

A little old school, this is another great option for highly visual projects.


Download the template here

15. Draft Portfolio

Just as the description implies, this is a great portfolio website template for graphic designers or illustrators. Bold and playful, it has one of the most contemporary vibes on our list.


Download the template here

If you’re ready to make a career change—which would explain why you’re looking up portfolio website templates—why not try our 10-day coding bootcamp to see if a career in tech is the way to go? (Spoiler: it probably is.)

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