Should we consider implementing a new law for AI? Absolutely, but let's prioritize the enforcement of existing laws first.

The tech industry’s attitude towards regulation is changing as the importance of laws in the AI era becomes evident. Ed Husic, Australia’s federal minister responsible for tech policy, is leading a review of Australian law to determine how it should adapt for the AI era. He stated that the era of self-regulation is over. Tech companies are now demanding regulation due to the potential risks associated with AI. However, it is important to note that existing laws already apply to AI, but enforcement needs to be more consistent. The University of Technology Sydney Human Technology Institute suggests the creation of an AI Commissioner to provide expert advice on AI regulation. Australia has been slow to act on AI regulation compared to other regions, such as the European Union and North America. Privacy laws need to be updated, especially in relation to high-risk uses of AI like facial recognition technology. The government should set an example by using AI safely and responsibly.