Riding the Wave of Disruption. Creative Tim Invests in YourAITool


Riding the Wave of Disruption. Creative Tim Invests in YourAITool

High on our agenda this year was to get involved in the AI market in a meaningful way as early as possible. Starting March 2023, Creative Tim is a partner of YourAITool.com, a promising AI tools aggregator.

This was their pitch: YourAITools algorithm matches users with the best AI tool for the job they have in mind. Simply tell YAT what you need and it will flip through 2000+ unique AIs to find you one that gets the job done.

Here’s what we LOVED about it: The platform itself uses an AI system. It understands human speech, makes sense of requests and scans a highly-curated catalog to find matches. As a user, you TELL it what you want instead of searching for whatever keywords might apply. To us, this was very 2023.

The Year to Geek Out. AI Is Changing How We Talk to Computers

AI has been compared to every single invention of significance in history: the wheel, the printing press, the maple syrup on pancakes.

Probably the most important breakthrough is that AI passes the Turing test. Turing is no longer relevant to measuring how human-like an AI is, but a machine having contextual understanding is BIG. How we interact with computers changed:

From this: screen = turtle.Screen() screen.bgcolor("white") screen.title("Red Apple") ….

To this: /imagine a ginormous red apple. Make it in the style of Norman Rockwell. Thanks!

This is not some elitist software you will spend months learning. If you can use words, you can take the tech leap.

That’s what makes it disruptive to all or most industries. It’s capable, immensely powerful, and has the entry level of learning how to peel an orange.

This New Platform Is For You If:

Riding the Wave of Disruption. Creative Tim Invests in YourAITool

If you’re keeping an eye on Creative Tim for great work resources, you will obviously be a part of YourAITool’s public too. AI is what’s next in speeding up and simplifying whatever part of your job you previously hated.

You’re a professional, and you figured out AI it’s what’s next for you. Your colleagues are freaking out about AI. Meanwhile, you’re looking at what’s it.

What you will love about YAT:

  • Personalized tool recommendations that you need to implement to speed up, without having to do the deep dumpster-dive through a market that’s not yet thoroughly tested.
  • Discounts, free trials where there previously were none, vouchers, free alternatives. It adds up, considering you will probably add at least 6 or 7 new tools to your process.
  • Articles that empathize with your journey of reskilling and adapting to the new market. YourAiTool and us will do our absolute best to meet you where you are with practical information to get you where you want to be.

You’re a disruptor wanting to make the AI industry work for you. Most entrepreneurs are getting an edge using AI tools. As it’s always the case with tech, the earlier, the better.

What you will love about YAT:

  • Top professional tools created with organizations in mind. A personalized experience where you get matched to great tools instantly. Further than that, a magic box where you can request for custom-made AI tools and plug-ins for your organization.
  • An AI job market for you to recruit professionals and build a team.
  • Support in upskilling your existing team.

You’re a geek and a nerd in the era of geeks and nerds. At some point, something about tech clicked, and you are always looking for that rush of figuring out awesome stuff. AI is your genuine curiosity.

What you will love about YAT:

  • Tools from cool, to useful to excitingly gadgety. If you want to DIY a Jarvis, YAT will be there throughout your journey.
  • Valuable information. When they use AI, they curate the data by hand. When they write themselves, they go through AI to enhance and verify.
  • Real articles, without click-bait or fear-mongering. When their writing team gets into a subject, they do deep dives.

Your water cooler talks are wild by default. Your casual conversation is wild and engaging. Being an interesting person who knows stuff is just the baseline for some people.

  • Inspiring tools that will open a whole new rabbit hole for you.
  • The latest relevant news from the whole industry in one place, through the news aggregator.
  • Reliable information and articles that put the hot topics into context.

In Closing

AI changes what we can achieve. We wanted to be where things happen, and we bonded with YAT. YourAITools is part of us branching out to the newer, meaner, leaner tools. If we helped you this far, with YAT we’re taking it into the AI realm.

We highly recommend the platform, we stand for its quality, and we’re going to stay involved throughout this project.

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