How Blockchain Will Write a New Era for Accounting Industry

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize industries. Blockchain has ignited curiosity among industries and sectors, especially in finance. Blockchain has often been called “the future of financial services infrastructure”. While the financial sector has

Is programming art…

Application development… …involves very little actual programming. Alexander Stepanov, the primary designer and implementer of the C++ Standard Template Library, relays to us that Scott Byer, the architect of Adobe Photoshop, estimates that 90% of

Debian/Ubuntu: Setup Planet Venus To Combine Two Or More RSS Feeds nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

How do I setup “Planet Venus” under Debian or Ubuntu Linux to downloads news feeds (RSS) published by web sites and aggregates their content together into a single combined feed? How do I setup an

Universal Logon Framework: Another Blockchain Technology Disruption

The world as we see it today has no doubts become digitized. Nearly almost all transactions are carried out online. From booking an airplane ticket, international money transfers to ordering for foods and even booking

Install IPTraf on a CentOS / RHEL / Fedora Linux To Get Network Statistics nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

How can I install IPTraf on a CentOS / RHEL / Fedora Linux or Red Hat Enterprise Linux to get a variety information on my network?IPTraf is a console-based network monitoring utility. IPTraf gathers data

Bash Shell Find Out If a Variable Is Empty Or Not nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

My shell script depends upon user input. How do I find out if a variable called $_JAIL path is empty under a Linux / Apple OS X / Unix like operating systems? Can you tell

Linux Find Out Video Card GPU Memory RAM Size Using Command Line nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

I have a quick question for you, Vivek: I’m trying to find out my NVDIA display card memory size on Fedora Linux. How do I find out my VIDEO Card (VGA) Memory size on Linux?You

Linux copy and clone USB stick including partitions command nixCraft

I need to copy and clone existing data from a USB stick. How do I clone a bootable USB key/pen drive on Linux? How do I clone a USB stick including partitions on Linux operating

12 Practical Examples of Linux Xargs Command for Beginners

Xargs is a great command that reads streams of data from standard input, then generates and executes command lines; meaning it can take output of a command and passes it as argument of another...

How Blockchain Will Disrupt The Healthcare Industry

It is not strange to find some folks explaining blockchain technology as a simple method of payment. Until this very moment, many people still do not know that blockchain has a much greater use than

Parcelforce Worldwide Made Easy with WooCommerce Royal Mail Shipping plugin

WooCommerce has made a world of difference for business owners looking to open an online store, manage orders and handle deliveries. There are many useful plugins that you can make use of in order to

How to handle bonuses in an OKR world

I’ve been working with OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) for a while, and one of the problems I recurrently face is whether or not to tie OKRs with bonuses. This is a post based on

10/08/2018: Biggest Stories in the Cryptosphere

by BlockEx 1. First ICO Launched In Singapore Y Ventures Group was the first one to hold an ICO, by launching a token (AORA) sale with the aim of raising $50 million. The funds will

Must-have features to monetize your elearning applications

Ideas are worth nothing unless they can generate revenue. If you thought of a revolutionary innovation in education technology, let’s go over your monetization options before you go broke. First, let’s answer the question “What

Using Cosmic JS and Zapier to integrate your content across the Web

Configuring the Action The speed that man flies out of the window is comparable to the speed of the Integration. Now from this point we have established the following setup: Sets up a trigger that instantly

10 Minutes Is All You Need to Write a Web Design Proposal; Here’s How

As a web designer, your ability to bring in new customers depends on your ability to write successful web design proposals. But you can’t afford to spend three or four hours perfecting every proposal. You need your time to actually build websites – and a web design proposal template can give you this time.

Maybe MoviePass Shouldn’t Compare Itself to Uber

There are certain similarities between the two disrupting companies—like spending lots of money.


New Course: Design a Corporate Website Using UI Kits in Sketch

If you need to design a corporate website, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble by using a UI kit.  What is a UI kit, and how do you use one? Our

WooCommerce vs Easy Digital Downloads: Which One Should You Use?

By its market share, WordPress is the most popular way to create an eCommerce store. And despite the overwhelming popularity of WooCommerce, there are actually multiple …

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How to Install Apache Maven on CentOS 7

Apache Maven is a open source software project management and build automation tool, that is based on the conception of a project object model (POM), which is primarily used for deploying Java-based applications, but...

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