NASA Shuttle launch LIVE transmission

Grumpy send us a link to the live transmission of the new NASA Shuttle launch ! http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/scp/viewer/index.php?client_id=5321&event_id=15891


CentOS with cPanel – Server install

This is a basic installations tutorial for the CentOS operating system for dedicated server duties ! 🙂 CentOS is a free whitelabel distro of RedHat Enterprise with all the bells and wistles, and is the


Busho: Live!

Mark Fiore, the NewYork Flash artist brings us another one of his subvers statements ! 🙂


Google PageRank Update Analysis

For those of you not yet aware, Google is currently updating the PageRank they are displaying in their toolbar. Each update causes a stir among the SEO community and webmasters trying to get their websites


DOOMFOX is rocking europe

The boys from OZ are trying to conquer europe, and saw them in berlin for their show, which was great! As i know most of the boys from kindergarden i feel obliged to start a


How to secure your php.ini

PHP is a fantastic language and is perfect for you dynamic mySQL driven site, but the flexibility of it at the same time makes it vulnerable for external expoits. Here are a few tips of


Web Hosts – Keeping Customers Happy

The web hosting industry is one of the most competitive industries on the Internet today. Web hosts are constantly thinking of new advertising campaigns in the hope of attracting more interest to their company; and,


EU to launch its own web domain

By Chris Morris , BBC News : The European Commission has said that the new internet domain name “.eu” will be up and running by the end of 2005.


Becoming A Web Hosting Reseller

So you would like to get into the lucrative business of being a web hosting provider. Welcome to the club. There are many companies and individuals trying to break into the web hosting resellers market


The forum dragon strikes again …. Another proposed Internet legislation

Macbeth reports : According to a report issued today by Ed Oswald, of Beta News, there is another attack on the internet, this one, extremely dangerous.. Another instance of a Senator bowing to big business,


SEcurity and More..

Pc Mag offers us a weekly overview of the worms and virus events happening in our online world.. THey also, thank heaven offer ways to combat the problems.


Firefox 1.0.3 released

A number of security problems were highlighted over the weekend, with details published by Mozilla, and a new version of the browser is now available for download. Mozilla prefers to launch a whole new browser


Adobe to Acquire Macromedia

SAN JOSE, Calif. ? April 18, 2005 ? Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: ADBE) today announced a definitive agreement to acquire Macromedia (Nasdaq: MACR) in an all-stock transaction valued at approximately $3.4 billion.


PHP Download Manager

Olate Download 3 allows you to add a downloads area to your website and control every aspect of it through an admin control panel. Features include automated installation with PHP4 and PHP5 support, a full


Gunther:Open Source Winner

Gunther, a php web site content management of sorts, bills itself as small room software.. I would add to that. The small room definitely has a view.


Centos 3.4 install guide

eth00 has put a great tutorial together : This guide was designed for PSFservers using centos 3.4 but it will work fine for just about any server install of centos or RHEL. This guide is


Quote of the month

Catastrophe came up with a beauty : Hydrogen is not the most common element in the universe, stupidity is !


Next BBS is the future of bulletin board messaging

The project team is headed by Chris Ravenscroft, who, having explored the good, the bad and the mediocre, decided it was time for a BBS that was up to date in methodology, security, and speed,


Pig Blaster

Grumpy send us a nice little link to a great flashgame, you can find it here PigBlast


Changing the DATE and TIME on your LINUX server

The set of instructions below worked quickly and easily for your Linux Server You must be logged on as “root” to make this change: Login to Linux box as root and enter root’s password: [me@myserver]

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