How to Install VMware Workstation Pro 14 on Linux Systems

This tutorial will show you how to install VMware Workstation Pro 14 on RHEL/CentOS 7, Fedora 22-27, Debian 7-9, Ubuntu 18.04-14.14 and Linux Mint 17-18. VMware Workstation Pro 14 is a popular software which allows

Deal: Become an AWS Expert with The Developer’s AWS Mastery Bundle (85% Off)

Today, earning an Amazon Web Services Developer Certification is a sure lift towards getting the professional IT job you have been dreaming of especially in an increasingly competitive job market. AWS Certified Developer Course With

ONLYOFFICE – A Complete Web-based Office and Productivity Suite to Increase Your Team Efficiency

ONLYOFFICE is an office and productivity suite developed to provide an open source alternative to Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps. Three main components are connected to build a whole corporate platform: ONLYOFFICE Document Server

wp-config.php File – An In-Depth View on How to Configure WordPress

One of the most important files of a WordPress installation is the configuration file. It resides in the root directory and contains constant definitions and PHP instructions that make WordPress work the way you want.The

How to Write Scripts Using Awk Programming Language – Part 13

All along from the beginning of the Awk series up to Part 12, we have been writing small Awk commands and programs on the command line and in shell scripts respectively. However, Awk, just as

Deal: Become a Linux Expert with This 5-Course Linux Essentials Bundle (88% Off)

Today, Linux is the number one operating system for web servers around the world, powering 94% of the world’s supercomputers, and over a billion Android devices. If you are interested in learning one of the

Speed up your browsing with help from your hosts file

Web pages these days are so full of advertisements, trackers, counters, hidden pixels, it’s a wonder they load at all. And who knows what information you’re revealing about your browsing habits. Browser plugins like Adblock

How to Encrypt and Decrypt Files and Directories Using Tar and OpenSSL

When you have important sensitive data, then its crucial to have an extra layer of security to your files and directories, specially when you need to transmit the data with others over a network. That’s

Deal: Learn Complete C Programming with This 7-Course Bundle (93% Off)

C programming language is a very popular, flexible and versatile language used for developing operating systems, text editors, data base systems, utility programs, compilers, assemblers and many more. Are you interested in a professional computer

How to Use Flow Control Statements in Awk – Part 12

When you review all the Awk examples we have covered so far, right from the start of the Awk series, you will notice that all the commands in the various examples are executed sequentially, that

8 Open Source/Commercial Billing Platforms for Hosting Providers

If you run hosting business, one of the main components of your success, is a solution for sales automation. Needless to say, that finding the best billing panel is the main task to efficiently manage

Deal: Learn Hacking with White Hat Hacker Bundle (7-Courses)

One of the easiest way to protect your identity online is to get familiar with the latest security flaws and techniques used in data breaches. With the proper training, you can learn the concepts of

How to Use ‘at’ Command to Schedule a Task on Given or Later Time in Linux

As an alternative to cron job scheduler, the at command allows you to schedule a command to run once at a given time without editing a configuration file. The only requirement consists of installing this

Easily Correct a Typo of Previous Command Using Carat (^) Symbol

Have you ever typed a command and rushed to hit Enter, only to find that you had a typo in it? While you can use the up and down arrows to navigate the command history

WordPress GIFs – How to Use Them On Your Website

Using multimedia content in your blog posts can result in more shares, more backlinks, more conversions, and more of anything else that you’re looking to achieve. The readers will see the effort and they will

How to Use ‘apt-fast’ to Speed Up apt-get/apt Package Downloads Using Multiple Mirrors

In this editorial, we take a look at a great and powerful utility called apt-fast that you can use to speed up downloading packages by APT or Aptitude. apt-fast is an open-source shell script wrapper

How to Allow Awk to Use Shell Variables – Part 11

When we write shell scripts, we normally include other smaller programs or commands such as Awk operations in our scripts. In the case of Awk, we have to find ways of passing some values from

7 Reasons you should not host your own videos

There are times that users encounter issues when watching videos. Common issues include videos that can’t be played on mobile devices, users only see a black box where the video is placed, the video stops

Deal: Master Ubuntu Linux with This ‘Go from Beginner to Power User’ Course (90% Off)

Ubuntu Linux is by far the most popular Linux distribution today, there are several reasons for this, however, the high-level of convenience it offers to both experts and beginners makes it a unique distribution to

XenServer 7 – Pool Upgrade via CLI and XenCenter Web Interface

The first article in this XenServer 7 Series covered how to install/upgrade a single XenServer host. Most XenServer installs are likely to be in a pool of many XenServer hosts. This article will cover the

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