NFTs Weekly News #37- Ecosystem: Bizza Day


NFTs Weekly News #37- Ecosystem: Bizza Day

Did you know that 10,000 pizzas were bought with 1 Bitcoin last week for the first time in history?

Read our article to see how this happened and what record this moment set. More important news from the Crypto ecosystem are waiting for you below!


📈 Macro – Bizza Day x NFT Bucharest;
🗞️ Last week's news – Axie Infinity, DIBA, HeyMint, LooksRare;
💰 Investments/Financing – Redbeard VC, AnotherBlock, Openfort, Paper;
📣 Projects news/Updates – Deadfellaz, Pudgy Penguins, YugaLabs, Checks, Goblintown;
⚖️ Legal – Metaverse Lawyer writes about Bitcoin and slot machines;
🐈 Veefriends – VeeCon 2023;
⚙️NFTility, by Mtk – Reheart;
📚 Dictionary – Bull Run, Bizza Day;
💸 Sale of the week – Fidenza #725;

📈 Macro

On 22 May was Bitcoin Pizza Day. It all started from the idea that a guy/auntie/group of people who introduced themselves as Satoshi Nakamoto released a so-called "whitepaper", a 9-page document proposing a decentralized, electronic payment system owned by nobody and everybody at the same time. He called it Bitcoin. If Satoshi didn't exist neither ETH, nor MultiversX, nor the thousands of other projects, communities, NFTs, It's NFTime newsletter or NFT Bucharest would exist.

Bitcoin Pizza Day is celebrated every year on 22 May, after Laszlo Hanyecz, a programmer from America, exchanged 10,000 Bitcoins for 2 pizzas in 2010, the first commercial transaction in which a digital asset, Bitcoin, was exchanged for a physical product, pizza.

On Monday, 22 May, at Vintage Pub in Bucharest, the Federation of Emerging Technologies organized Bizza Day in partnership with Binance, the event that set a world record: 10,000 pizzas were bought with 1 Bitcoin, by Daniel Niță, avenging Laszlo. The event was a real success, being approved in the record books and shared by CZ, a man followed on Twitter by 8.4 million people. 750k views.

Events like this can put Romania on the international map. Built together. We can't get out of our individual bubble. That's why we were happy to be partners of the event, both through Metaventis and NFT Bucharest. I told the story of the 10,000 bitcoins offered on the 2 pizzas in 2010, which I had written 2 years ago. You can find it here.

And, obviously, we talked about NFT Bucharest. With all the people present. With Ilie Pușcaș from Binance, with Sergiu Vasilescu from VD Law and Flavius Jakubowicz from Jasill, with the Cow Cow team, with the IXFI team, with the Federation of Emerging Technologies, with the Hodlezz team, with the NFTim team, with the Sense4Fit team, with the BAXC team, with Marius Morra from Tokero, with the Aleph Business team, with the Fem3.space representatives, with Răzvan Munteanu, with the Humans team, with the SaneVerse team.

We also spoke to Daniel Niță, Andrei Brătucu, Mister Spread from Paradigm Shift, Lavinia Filip, Alexandru Hobincu, Ștefan Stoean, BLMihnea or Cristian Chifoi. They all know about NFT Bucharest and they all agree that Romania needs that international Web3 event. I felt they were enthusiastic and ready to do their bit.

There are just a few of those who were present yesterday and a small part of all those who know the story. But it's not just those present in Web3 that we are telling and building with. For example, the man I really wanted to meet yesterday was Codin Maticiuc. For the energy with which he moves mountains when it comes to #PublicHospitalsFromPrivateMoney. And I met him. Now he knows about NFT Bucharest too. We have 5 more months to let as many as possible know! Let your creativity be your guide and reply to the newsletter with your ideas and the people you know. NFT Bucharest, 21-22 October, is going to be epic. Subscribe to the newsletter dedicated to NFT Bucharest. It will help you in the near future!

🗞️ News from last week

  • Axie Infinity launches its NFTs-based game on the Apple Store.

  • Digital Bitcoin Art and Assets (DIBA) has launched the first marketplace of Bitcoin NFTs using RGB smart contracts.

  • HeyMint is partnering its NFT launch platform with Zeneca and Curious Addys in its effort to improve the widespread adoption of Web3.

NFTs Weekly News #37- Ecosystem: Bizza Day

  • Chinese prosecutors aim to combat "pseudo-innovation" in the NFT market, warning of illegal pyramid schemes masquerading as marketing models, according to an article.
  • LooksRare has launched Raffles, giving users the opportunity to enter low-cost competitions to win great prizes such as Bored Apes.

💰 Investments / Financing

  • Redbeard VC closes $25M funding round with Animoca Brands and Super Rare with plans to accelerate adoption of Web3 technologies.

NFTs Weekly News #37- Ecosystem: Bizza Day

  • Web3 music company AnotherBlock raised $4M in a funding round led by Stride.VC, with participation from Swedish House Mafia artist Axwell.

  • Openfort raises $3M to develop a "frictionless" Web3 gaming wallet, simplifying blockchain interactions for players.

  • Paper has secured $9.3M in funding to improve the accessibility and user experience of NFT acquisition, with participation from Polygon, Electric Capital and Initialized Capital.

📣 Projects news / Updates

  • Deadfellaz has launched "Streamingfellaz", allowing NFT owners to use their avatars in live streaming and video calls.

  • Pudgy Penguins expands into the physical world and launches an IRL toy collection and a Pudgy World social hub. They sold 20k toys and had $500k in revenue in two days.

NFTs Weekly News #37- Ecosystem: Bizza Day

  • YugaLabs has unveiled the Evo1 collection of HV-MTL (Heavy Metal) NFTs, integrated into the "Power Source" NFTs for #BAYC's Dookey Dash game.

  • Jack Butcher expands the Checks ecosystem and launches the "Checks Elements" collection of NFTs supported by physical prints.

  • Goblintown announces IP licensing agreements for 187 holders, offering exclusive rights and revenue sharing.

The UK Treasury Committee has called for cryptocurrency trading to be regulated like gambling.

I read a bombastic headline the other day that immediately caught my attention: 'Bitcoin, regulated like slots'.

NFTs Weekly News #37- Ecosystem: Bizza Day

According to a report, the UK Treasury Committee has recommended that crypto trading be overseen by the Gambling Commission. The proposal involves taxing cryptocurrency transactions and providing advice and guidance to prevent addictive behaviour by those trading crypto. Basically, the behaviour of consumers trading crypto would be similar to that of gambling (Bitcoin = slot machines). Incidentally, the Committee said exactly that:"it looks more like gambling than a financial service, an impression reinforced by the evidence we received on consumer behaviour".

The Committee highlighted the volatility of cryptocurrency prices as a risk factor. The report has received negative reactions from the industry, which sees the treatment of cryptocurrencies as gambling as a step backwards for the UK's digital aspirations. The UK's cryptocurrency trading association, CryptoUK, is disappointed with the report's findings and believes they do not reflect the true nature and potential of the crypto industry. What do you think?

🐈‍⬛ Veefriends

The #veefriends community gathered in Indianapolis for 3 days of fire. On Day 1, the activity took place in the park and the goal was for people to have fun and interact. Games, activations, prizes, food, friends and lots of sunshine. The day ended with a mega concert by Busta Rhymes.

In the following days the "hostilities" moved to Lucas Oil Stadium, where nearly 200 guests were on stage. Where either speeches or debates touched on a wide variety of topics all having a bearing on web3: marketing, leadership, art, music, creativity and innovation, community building are just a few of them. All of these were organised into 4 sub-scenes and one main stage.

In addition to the discussion areas, many other activities were organised, such as: the audio recording studio – Gala Music, the presentation area of several NFTs projects, various relaxation areas and many others. Parallel to the official events there were community meetings: ZenAcademy, David Meltzer, VeeDAO, Project Kyzen, being just the ones we attended.

Last year we were 2 members of the community, this year we grew to 5 and our presence was seen, and next year even more will go!

NFTs Weekly News #37- Ecosystem: Bizza Day

Preparations for next year are already underway, we look forward to finding out the location by the end of the summer.

NFTs Weekly News #37- Ecosystem: Bizza Day

Editor's bonus: At the risk of too many pictures in this section, Luci wearing the NFT Bucharest logo in her official photo with Gary is priceless. Thanks so much to everyone!!! We were so proud to see you wearing every NFT Bucharest and Metaventis hat, t-shirt, backpack and sticker! RESPECT!

NFTs Weekly News #37- Ecosystem: Bizza Day

⚙️ NFTility

Philanthropy on blockchain is one of the best uses of this technology because of the transparency it offers. Thus, when the trust factor is high, more potential donors are encouraged to distribute a portion of their proceeds to cases they resonate with.

A philanthropic project was also on stage at NFT Cluj. It is Reheart.care, a project whose mission is to help as many children with heart disease as possible to get the treatment they need.

The fundraising collection is called Reheart Babies and consists of 10,000 tokens that can be minted for 1 egld and 20 tokens of hand-drawn artwork that can be purchased for the egld equivalent of 5,000 US dollars.

So far, the project has helped 12 children get through the surgical procedures they needed. This has been made possible thanks to you, our supporters, and the sponsors who chose to purchase one of the 20 NFTs mentioned above. If you're wondering who they are, you can find them here.

Reheart.care, the Polisano Foundation and all their supporters are on a mission for good.

Until next time, I wish you to identify your personal mission.

NFTs Weekly News #37- Ecosystem: Bizza Day

📚 Dictionary

  • Bull market – A bull market is a period of time when the prices of investments in a particular financial market are rising. For example crypto or NFTs. The legend says we are all waiting for. In crypto and NFTs these periods have so far been somewhat more accelerated than in other markets. In 2013 for example, 1 BTC started in January at $13 and by December had reached $950.

  • Bizza Day – on 22 May, the phrase Bizza Day entered international dictionaries. It all started on Bitcoin Pizza Day, after Laszlo Hanyecz exchanged 10,000 Bitcoins for 2 pizzas in 2010. Monday, on 22 May, in Bucharest, at The Vintage Pub, the Federation of Emerging Technologies organised Bizza Day, in partnership with Binance, where Laszlo got his revenge: 10,000 pizzas were bought for 1 Bitcoin, by Daniel Niță.

💸 Sale of the week

Fidenza #725 was sold for $1,016,000 at Sotheby's auction, exceeding the original estimate by nearly five times.

NFTs Weekly News #37- Ecosystem: Bizza Day

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