New Online Store Sees Rapid Growth with Authority Builders


A brand-new eCommerce store was able to grow from 0 keywords and 0 sales to raking in over $6k per month due to the success of the link-building campaign we devised for their niche.

A snapshot of a client’s growth using Authority Builders

Beginning in April of 2022, our link-building strategies grew the clients’ total impressions from virtually nothing to nearly 60k in only 12 months.

Thanks to the success of the campaign, the client was able to launch 2 more online stores in related niches – taking their business aspirations to new heights. 

The Client Site: A New eCommerce Store 

The client came to us while they were planning the launch of their very first online store. 

They were relatively new to the world of eCommerce and needed help gaining online visibility for their storefront and product pages. 

Since the site was new, they had little to no existing online presence. 

They were lacking in terms of authority, keyword rankings, and target page links – which is to be expected with a brand-new business. 

However, that presents a steep challenge in the form of bridging the link gap between the client’s new website and established competitors. 

In addition to SEO best practices like targeting keywords and creating content, the client would need to develop a rock-solid link profile if they wanted to reach top-ranking spots on the SERPs. 

Their Problem: Securing a Spot for Themselves in a Competitive Niche Market 

The client was entering a very competitive niche space with an unknown brand & products, and they wanted us to help them gain some momentum. 

Without an airtight SEO/link-building strategy, raising brand awareness would be extremely tough for the client – as they ran a relatively small operation in comparison to their competitors. Other brands were already established in the niche, with strong social media presence and plenty of helpful content. 

If the client wanted to secure a spot for themselves in the market, they needed a secret weapon. 

That’s when they heard about our services at Authority Builders through a colleague, and they decided to give us a call to see if we could help. 

Our team didn’t hesitate to take the challenge, as we knew that we could provide real results for them through our coveted link-building techniques. We’re no stranger to building SEO & link profiles from scratch for new websites, as we’ve done so many times for past clients. 

Not only that, but our team is capable of producing stellar results far quicker than our competitors. 

That’s thanks to our team’s clever use of ‘quick wins,’ where we target keywords that are close to ranking in order to provide quick returns for our clients. 

We knew from the get-go that we needed to hit the ground running to start generating traffic and building authority for the client as soon as possible, and that’s exactly what we did. 

Beginning in April of 2022, our team put together an extensive strategy to boost the client’s revenue, authority, and SERP rankings as high as we possibly could. 

The Solution: Foundational Citation Links, Guest Posts, and BOFU Keywords 

We decided the most effective strategy to accelerate growth for the store was to A) build foundational citation links and B) add ongoing guest blog posts through ABC Plus. 

The citation links we built improved the new store’s online visibility significantly, which is what they desperately needed. 

New eCommerce stores face the challenge of total anonymity, and citations are a great way to gain notoriety. 

Our team focused on acquiring citation links from reputable & relevant websites (within the client’s niche) that had excellent metrics (strong domain rating, excellent link authority, etc.).  

After that, the guest posts we selected generated traffic and acquired valuable backlinks for better SERP rankings. 

The content we created for the guest posts served two purposes. 

First, it helped further establish the brand as a thought leader in its field – as the content we produced was informative, helpful, and geared toward answering common questions. 

This is equally as important as the benefit the content provides to search engines, as helpful content builds brand awareness and elicits loyalty from existing customers. 

Next, the posts acquired valuable backlinks that boosted the client’s SEO profile and built brand awareness by exposing the client’s content to a new audience. 

Also, we didn’t waste any time dominating their primary homepage keyword, and then we moved on to focusing on BOFU (bottom-of-the-funnel) keywords focused on attracting customers with strong purchase intent. 

That helped the client attract new prospects that were interested in making immediate purchases, which contributed to the client’s uptick in monthly revenue. 

The guest blog posts had a compounding effect, as the client was able to afford more of them as their revenue began to grow due to previous guest posts. 

These additional guest posts are a big reason why the client’s online presence grew so rapidly from January 2023 onward. 

The Results: $6k Per Month in Sales, 2 New Stores Opening 

Once our efforts started to bear fruit, they took off in a really big way.

A screenshot of an eCommerce store’s sales growth

As you can see, the client’s sales grew from 0 to over $6k a month, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. 

Besides seeing a ton more revenue, the client’s click-through-rate (CTR), total impressions, and total number of clicks also grew dramatically during the same period. 

In fact, the client’s gains were so significant that they were able to open 2 other eCommerce stores in related niches. 

To summarize, they went from starting an eCommerce store in total obscurity to running and operating 3 successful online stores in approximately a year. 

The sky’s the limit for the client now, as we continue to do link-building and SEO work for each of their online stores. 

If you want your business to experience this type of resounding success, don’t wait to check out our link-building packages from Authority Builders today. Our team of link-building experts provide consistent results for all our clients, regardless of niche or industry, so don’t wait to get in touch. 

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