Netapp Disk Bad Label Version


If you are taking non-zeroed disks from a later version of Netapp Data Ontap and placing them into a system running an earlier version of Data Ontap you may experience the following warning, error and critical messages in the log:

WARNING monitor.globalStatus.nonCritical: Disk on adapter 0b, shelf 28, bay 1, label version. Disk on adapter 0b, shelf 28, bay 0, label version. Disk on adapter 0b, shelf 27, bay 0, label version.

ERROR raid.config.disk.bad.label.version: Disk 0b.28.1 Shelf 28 Bay 1 [NETAPP   X308_WKOJN03TSSM NA00] S/N [WD-WCC132173962] has an unsupported label version

ERROR raid.assim.disk.badlabelversion: Disk 0b.28.1 Shelf 28 Bay 1 [NETAPP   X308_WKOJN03TSSM NA00] S/N [WD-WCC132173962] has raid label with version (13), which is not within the currently supported range (5 – 12). Please contact NetApp Global Services

CRITICAL callhome.dsk.label.v: Call home for DISK BAD LABEL VERSION

Issuing a disk show-boken command displays the following output:

::> disk show -broken

Disk Outage Reason HA Shelf Bay Chan Pool Type RPM Usable Size Physical Size
NODE1:0b.27.0 label version 0b 27 0 A Pool0 BSAS 7200 2.42TB 2.43TB

The following table illustrates the Data Ontap Version and its corresponding RAID Label Version

Data Ontap Version Associated RAID Label Version
6.2x – 6.4x       Raid Label Version 5
6.5x       Raid Label Version 6
7.0x – 7.1.x       Raid Label Version 7
7.2       Raid Label Version 8
7.3       Raid Label Version 9
8.0x       Raid Label Version 10
8.1       Raid Label Version 11
8.2       Raid Label Version 12
8.3       Raid Label Version 13


Data Ontap version up to and including 8.0.1 – The disk must be moved back to a system with a same or later version of Data Ontap than the source disk. Mark as spare and zero the disk. Once that is complete you can then move the disk to other versions of Data Ontap.

Data Ontap versions 8.0.2 and later – issues ::> disk unfail -s The disk will become an unzeroed spare

For a full list of details the KB article for this work around is:



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