Mastering Sex, Power, Gender Roles, & The Secret to Maintaining Relationships That Last | Sadia Khan

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Welcome back to another thought-provoking episode of Impact Theory! Today we’re diving into the complex world of relationships and social dynamics with the insightful psychologist, Sadia Khan.

In this eye-opening, hard to hear discussion, we examine how the allure of beauty on social media has transformed the landscape of modern relationships, often leading women to prioritize their appearance while men lose sight of relationship values that are important to selecting well.

Hear me when I say, there is NOTHING that has brought me more joy and wellbeing in my life than my 21 year marriage with Lisa. From material wealth to millions of followers, downloads, awards and sales, nothing has mattered more to me.

If you want to master life, you have to master pair bonding.

Sadia is a psychologist and relationship expert known for seemingly controversial viewpoints when it comes to modern dating and the roles men and women are taking. We unpack the negative implications of:

– Over-glorifying a single trait,
– The importance of core values such as honesty, integrity, respect, and care for your partner’s well-being, and
– How manipulation can shape relationships for better or worse.

This conversation challenges societal norms and expectations. We talk about the value of monogamy, the misunderstood perceptions of feminism, and if the independent woman is creating her own roadblocks for true connection.

Wait till you hear Sadia’s view on women submitting to their men in relationships. Is it necessary? Is it a natural inclination for women? Why are women struggling so much with the idea of submitting to their male partners?

This episode isn’t just about love and relationships; we’re going to expose the misconceptions often spread by ‘red pill’ content that’s targeting the weak and vulnerable men in need of healthier perspectives when it comes to women, love, and relationship power dynamics.

Your journey to a better understanding of human behavior and relationships starts here.


“What social media has done is allowed women a platform to kind of showcase their body, their preferences, basically put themselves in the marketplace.”

“We have to start learning to reject rather than glorifying the one ingredient we like.”

“If I dilute my experience with you by also talking to Tom, Dick and Harry, what will happen is I’m wasting energy not realizing that you might be really bad for me, […] it creates internal chaos, whereas internal consistency will allow us to know what’s good and bad for us.”

“Feminism has taught women that catering and appreciating and showing love for your man is babying him and he should be a grown up and he should do it himself.”

“A secure, healthy woman is not attracted to men who treat her mean, she’s attracted to a man who has a willingness to leave if she misbehaves too much.”

“Just because it doesn’t hurt doesn’t mean it’s not a deal breaker.”

“When I talk about narcissistic women it is because we’ve tilted it where women are automatic victims and sometimes they are the narcissist in the relationship.”

“I always say to men that competition is not other men. It’s her childhood. If it’s totally chaotic, no matter how much stability you provide her, she’ll find it very, very difficult to settle into that stable relationship.”

“When you meet a man who is such a safe bet and so secure, submission is a natural consequence, […] You’d be missing out on a great connection simply because you want to maintain your independence. But independence is overrated.”

“I don’t recommend ever being with a man that you can control. You become a woman that you don’t like.”

“I don’t necessarily know that the woman needs to submit, but the guy needs to lead.” Tom Bilyeu

“Good women are not attracted to money. They’re attracted to the process of a disciplined, self-controlled man. But vacuous women are attracted to the outcome, not the process.”

“If you couldn’t access her without money, then chances are any man with money can access her.”

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