Is Tech the Answer for YOUR Career Pivot?

Is Tech the Answer for YOUR Career Pivot?

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About the Webinar

I’m too old to change careers. If I switch industries, there’s no way I can catch up. I should have this figured out by now. Maybe this is just what work looks like for me.

Do these thoughts sound familiar?

So many of us put too much pressure on ourselves when it comes to our careers. Maybe the idea of switching gears terrifies you because you think you’ll fall even farther behind. Then there are those student loans for a degree that was supposed to set you up for life, right?

It’s never too late to change careers. Seriously. And you can do it without losing any of your progress. In this webinar, we’re talking to Skillcrush alums who did just what you’re craving. Join us to hear how they made the decision, what they did to get ready, and most importantly, exactly how they made it work. Who better to teach you?

You’ll Learn

  • How to tell if it’s time to switch industries at any age
  • How to find your skills gaps and make a career transition plan
  • Techniques for pitching yourself in interviews, even if you’ve got a non-traditional resume
  • The best way to stand out against the competition, especially when you’re new to an industry

Webinar Guests

Hillary Rose


Hillary spent nearly a decade as an events and marketing manager and absolutely loved it….until she didn’t. At some point, the rewards diminished and the exhaustion set in. She set off on a path to renew her creative spirit and eventually everything clicked when she started her brand development and design business, Hillary Rose Design!

She’s found genuine career fulfillment in offering her unique skills to purpose driven small business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the world. She works with advocates, allies, yoga instructors, chiropractors, and other awesome people who have a real passion for serving and helping others. In her spare time, Hillary practices yoga, cuddles dogs, goes hiking, and travels anywhere she can. She’s so excited to say goodbye to the office, schedules beyond her control, and the illusion that the only thing that matters is making money for other people.

Kelli Smith


Kelli Smith isn’t just a Skillcrush alum—after learning tech skills through our programs, we wound up hiring her! Today, she’s our Operations Manager, which means she spends her days making sure our team is happy, healthy, and able to focus on their work helping our students.

Kelli has an MBA and was a partner in a successful international company and ran her own freelancing business before pursuing her passion for tech by taking web development classes. She loves listening to tech podcasts, looking for cute Corgi gifs to make her teammates smile, and going to Catalan style line dance events all over Europe—as a true Texan living in Finland would do. (Because, #remotework.)

Is Tech the Answer for YOUR Career Pivot?

Is Tech the Answer for YOUR Career Pivot?

Take Our 3-Minute Quiz to Find Out!