Immortality Is Closer Than You Think: AI, War, Religion, Consciousness & Elon Musk | Bryan Johnson

Immortality Is Closer Than You Think: AI, War, Religion, Consciousness & Elon Musk | Bryan Johnson

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Today’s episode promises to challenge your perceptions and elevate your understanding of what the future holds as we peer into the horizon of humanity’s next great leap.

I’m joined by Bryan Johnson, the “most measured man in history” who lets AI make all of his health and wellness decisions for him – because the algorithm can do better than he can.

Bryan Johnson is an ultra successful entrepreneur who believes that, while we like to think Homo sapiens represent the pinnacle of intelligence on Earth, there is an urgent need for a new form of intelligence that transcends self-interest and tackles inherent flaws, like self-destructive behaviors and other destructive tendencies, like war and global warming.

Get ready to rethink traditional approaches to living as we dive deep into topics like:
– Why Ozempic is an algorithm
– Treatments for penis health
– “Don’t Die” philosophy a new religion?
– The impact of algorithms on our future
– AI alignment and extending life through cellular reprogramming
– Superintelligence, society, and ethics
– How AI can change our reality and perception
– The challenge of aligning human behavior with the greater good
– The catastrophic consequences of getting AI engineering wrong
– The role of religion and tradition in problem-solving versus practical actions
– Concerns about the loss of autonomy and authoritarianism due to AI
– The future possibilities with AI, consciousness, and technological integration
– Technology’s influence on expanding conscious states

This is a pivotal moment in history that people will look back on in the year 2500 – the question is, will we fuck it up?

Chapter Markers:
[0:00] Let the algorithms control you
[30:25] Control over AI, climate, and disasters
[55:20] Unimaginable & unexpected solutions
[1:05:44] A revolution is coming
[1:24:21] Trade-offs of AI decision making
[1:45:30] First principles vs. zeroeth thinking
[2:11:19] Digital time perception and hacking to slow time
[2:40:24] Quantifying penis health

Powerful Quotes From Bryan Johnson:
“I would much rather have an algorithm take care of my health than wellness than I would myself.”

“We don’t understand that death can be conquered. It is a reasonable thing to say that’s possible. And if you do that, then the idea of becoming some kind of expansive, omnipotent kind of intelligence, we don’t know what the limitation is.”

“Right now, it’s about the future of the species and it’s about this contemplation of we’re probably NOT going to make it through this moment if we can’t figure out how to not to annihilate ourselves.”

“No one thought that in early New York, when horses were the primary mode of transport and manure was the biggest problem in New York, polluting the Hudson and making everyone sick, no one thought the model T would be the solution to horse manure. It just wasn’t on people’s minds.”

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