Imap Vs Pop3


Hello , following is the some difference between IMAP And pop3

Ans :– Post Office Protocol 3 Internet Mail Access Protocol

For pop3

1] You only check e-mail from one computer.
2] POP mail downloads messages off of the server on to the machine where the
email is being

3] You won’t be able to view downloaded messages from any other machine.
4] Anyone with access to your computer can read your downloaded messages.


1. Your messages are stored on your personal email account on the mail server
in the

2. You can access your email from any IMAP compatible email software. (eg. Home,

kiosks, webmail)
3. You check e-mail from multiple locations.

POP3 – Post Office Protocol 3 —- 110
IMAP4 – Internet Message Access Protocol 4——- 143

IMAP is useful in an offline situation and is particularly advantageous when
your client

machines are powerful but your servers aren’t or when your clients connect
to your email

server through expensive dial-up connections.

IMAP has the potential for online performance optimization, which can offer
good performance over slow connections. Furthermore, you can download sections
of a message, rather than the entire message, from an IMAP server.Although not
usually enabled, these IMAP capabilities provide a true advantage. IMAP also
has the advantage of being able to access non-email data (e.g., NetNews, documents).
IMAP can manage multiple mailboxes on the same or different servers. Likewise,
numerous users can access shared mailboxes.