I’m Publishing 1,000 Blog Posts in 2023…Here’s the Progress Report


At the start of 2023, I decided to leverage my unique professional EEAT and my experience as an SEO and go all in on a new content website.

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Link to the website: https://bauple.com/

Here’s the journey toward our 1,000 blog posts goal, including our strategies, analytics, financials, data, SEO, and general progress.

The SEO and content strategies we are using to grow our website are timestamped here:

00:00 Website Progress Report Intro
00:29 Why Did I Start This Website?
01:00 Google’s Helpful Content Update – EEAT
02:19 Step 1 – Branding
04:19 Step 2 – Build Website
05:32 Step 3 – Create Content
08:54 Step 4 – Backlinks and Off-Page SEO
10:00 Step 5 – YT Channel
11:30 Step 6 – The Cost + Monetization
12:37 Analytics and Results

I take you on the journey from start to finish as of the end of February, including how we choose the costs of everything, the domain name, purchasing the domain, creating the design and the website development, the WordPress theme we chose and why we chose it, creating the content and blog posts, backlinks and off-page SEO, and more.

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