I use this everyday

I use this everyday

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Dive into this Five Minute Friday with NetworkChuck as he unveils a game-changing tip for tech enthusiasts: copying and pasting in the terminal! Learn how to seamlessly transfer data between your terminal and clipboard using simple commands, whether you’re on Linux, Windows, or macOS. This tutorial covers everything from installing essential tools to setting up aliases for efficiency. Perfect for anyone looking to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity. Don’t miss out on these practical tips and tricks!

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**00:00** – Introduction: Essential Terminal Copy-Paste Trick
**01:04** – Mac Users: Built-in pbcopy and pbpaste
**01:13** – Linux and WSL Users: Installing xsel
**01:56** – Basic xsel Commands for Clipboard Management
**02:17** – Creating Aliases for Easier Commands
**03:27** – Remote Server Clipboard Access Setup
**05:56** – Final Test and Wrap-Up

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