How To Waste Your Life & Never Be Happy – The #1 Thing Sabotaging You | Paul Conti

How To Waste Your Life & Never Be Happy - The #1 Thing Sabotaging You | Paul Conti

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Prepare to dive deep into the intricate web of human psychology, trauma, and the essence of personal responsibility.

Today, I’m joined by the insightful Dr. Paul Conti, a psychiatrist, consultant, and author who is adept at helping people untangle complex problems and find a path to healing. His book, Trauma: The Invisible Epidemic, examines the most recent research, clinical best practices, and dozens of real-life stories to present a deeper, richer, and more urgent view of trauma.

In this episode, Dr. Conti unravels the complexities of trauma, its lasting impact on our mental and emotional well-being, and the pivotal role of personal responsibility in our healing journey. He emphasizes the importance of acknowledging our traumas, understanding their origins, and taking proactive steps towards healing and self-awareness.

Join us as we explore the societal misconceptions surrounding trauma, the significance of human connections in our healing process, and how logic and emotion work to craft our narratives.

0:45 | Process of Understanding Ourselves
11:40 | Overcoming the Shame Spiral
18:30 | Markers of Trauma
25:59 | Conceptualizing Trauma and the Power of Self-Belief
33:01 | Societal Gaps in Understanding Our Responses
49:09 | The Depth of Loneliness and Feeling “Dead” Inside
1:05:13 | Compassion in a Societal Context
1:15:00 | The Role of Meaning and Purpose in Trauma
1:41:30 | Building a Strong Sense of Self
2:15:00 | Generating a Shared Narrative


“We have to learn how to release ourselves from the lessons of trauma.” [2:45]

“Traumas can determine how old you are.” [23:55]

“Our society doesn’t help or teach us what should be taught in elementary school…which is how the responses happen in us, and how we can change without knowing it, and how we can hide ourselves away and think differently about ourselves.” [32:50]

“Understanding ourselves better is ALWAYS a good thing.” [35:17]

“Logic doesn’t matter when logic runs up against strong emotion.” [51:15]

“Don’t make yourself special in a negative way.” [1:39:59]

“The best thing that life has to offer you is the love of another human.” [2:32:07]

“We are terrified by nothingness – the meaning isn’t in logic, the meaning is in emotion.” [2:33:37]

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