How do you connect to the console of a Cisco router? Do you need a physical router or is Packet Tracer enough for the CCNA exam? This video is part of my Cisco CCNA 200-301 course.

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This is video #18 of my FREE CCNA Course 200-301 – a complete CCNA course for the new Cisco CCNA exam. I am going to be covering all the topics in the exam blueprint in this course.

I want to make this content practical and it will include a lots of labs and demonstrations to help you better understand topics on the exam.

The course will contain:
– Videos
– Labs using Cisco Packet Tracer
– Quiz Questions
– And more!

0:00 Introduction
0:32 Connect console to Cisco router
0:56 COM port on Windows computer
1:08 Putty connection to router
1:50 Cisco Router modes
2:34 Use packet tracer
3:01 Physical router vs Cisco Packet Tracer
4:52 How to connect a console cable to a router in Packet Tracer
5:22 Aux port vs console port
5:35 Terminal on PC in Packet Tracer
7:41 Testing real switch vs Packet Tracer switch
10:07 Real switch / router vs Packet Tracer

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