How I Rank #1 With AI SEO Using THIS ChatGPT 4 Prompt


How I Rank #1 With AI SEO Using THIS ChatGPT 4 Prompt

? How to create s e o optimized content using chat, g p t as a free SS e o tool. Go to chat G P T four then select browse with bing over here. Now what you can do is actually ask chat g b T to create an outline for an article based on your keyword and the top 10 results. Ask for the outline to include the word count, FAQs, a list of LSI and NLP keywords related to them, and external links if you hit enter like this, it’s going to start browsing Bing and reverse engineering the top 10 results to figure out what are they doing and what are the commonalities in terms of keywords, LSIs, headings to rank for that keyword too?

You’ll break down the whole outline so that you can write the best possible content to rank there’s the LSI and NLP keywords.

Now what you can actually say is write part one of the article, format it with markdown, italic, the most important parts and it will create the content optimized for SEO based on what your competitors are doing because it’s already scraped your competitors and done the research.

Then ask it to write part two of the article. And that’s how you generate SEO optimized content using chat GPT that ranks. My favourite SEO Tools?https://juliangoldie.com/bestseotools

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