How Affiliate Websites Earn More Money – INSANE (FREE) AI TOOL PERPLEXITY


In this video, I’ll show you a new tool that has become a staple for my blogging business. I’ve had to change how my whole team does keyword research and SEO because of this tool (because things are SO much faster now).

This tool is built upon chatGPT, but for its specific use case it is so much better. It can actively seek out information online (real-time), which is extremely useful for bloggers, affiliate websites, local businesses, and any business that wants revenue from online visibility.

This video is relevant for affiliate marketers, bloggers, SEOs, business owners, and anyone looking to rank higher on Google’s search results.

? ? ? Advanced SEO Masterclass: https://jessecunninghamseo.com/advanced-seo-masterclass-landing/

? ? ? Business Inquiries: https://jessecunninghamseo.com/

???If you want to use the Quick Article Workflow make sure to get an OpenAI account first: https://openai.com/product

You need a chatGPT plus account to run the tool properly – otherwise, it may timeout.

????Here is the link to the Quick Article Workflow: https://wordgalaxy.netlify.app/

???PerplexityAI: https://www.perplexity.ai/

??AAWP: https://getaawp.com/

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