Harsh Truth About Power, War, Masculinity, Russia, Hitler & Economic Collapse | Konstantin Kisin

Harsh Truth About Power, War, Masculinity, Russia, Hitler & Economic Collapse | Konstantin Kisin

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In today’s episode, the ever-controversial Konstantin Kisin as Tom discuss everything from racism to toxic masculinity, to war and economic collapse. Konstantin Kisin is a comedian, social commentator and podcast host of the show TRIGGERnometry, and tackles the harder conversations around woke culture, war, and highly sensitive politics most people avoid.

We’re challenging the status quo, breaking down complex ideas, and striving to understand how we can all play by a better set of rules for success.

Topics we discuss include:
– Western culture values that should be preserved
– the danger of a toxic culture that would rather complain about injustices that work on finding real solutions
– woke culture & victimhood incentivized in young people
– how America is on the brink of becoming the next collapsing Roman Empire
– the masculinity debate
– revolutionary tactics versus incremental improvement
– the dynamics of free speech in society
– influence of women on men’s success
– the historical pattern of societal stability and disruption
– the role of resilience in overcoming adversity

Buckle up as we uncover why we might need a new set of rules – not just to survive, but to seize opportunities and safely navigate the dangers of our rapidly evolving world.

Chapter Markers:

[0:00] Masculinity Scale & Alpha vs. Beta
[47:37] Triangle of Evil
[1:18:40] How Civilizations Collapse
[2:09:22] That Ruins Every Society
[2:41:15] More Pain And War Is Coming
[3:10:16] The Path To Fulfillment

Powerful Insights From Konstantin Kisin:

“Do not be a useful idiot. Do not violate your own moral standards and your own moral rules for the sake of the greater good. There is no greater good than your own moral standards. There is no greater good than that.”

“As someone who has experienced racism, I don’t think it should be illegal to be racist or to say racist things. It should be illegal to discriminate against people because of their race, […] but people should be allowed to have and express pretty much any opinion in my view.”

“In many ways I would argue that free speech is unnatural and that’s why it has to be fought for repeatedly.”

“We’re a moral paralysis in the west, …at a level of society we’re incapable of understanding that reality.”

“The biggest problem with blank slate-ism is the attempt to pretend that human nature doesn’t exist.”

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