Gunther:Open Source Winner


Gunther, a php web site content management of sorts, bills itself as small room software.. I would add to that. The small room definitely has a view.

Gunther offers an instantly accessible tool, which can be used to build sites from small to medium sized.
It offers content which ranges from completely customizable pages, to a clean look, easy to learn markup language, and a photo gallery which auto generates thumbnails. Gunther is easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain.
Its a useful tool for those who want to offer a small web site to a family member, friend or client.
All of the editing is done directly from the browser, by a standard login, yet is not open to public modifications.

If you are familiar with a wiki, you will be able to feel immediately at ease with Gunther. Each page is a plain text block, entered into a form. Stored on the web server as an RCS file, each change is logged. The markup used to incorporate the common elements is simpler than nearly any other markup used in web site design, thereby rendering it the perfect project for beginner or expert.

Links are easily made between pages, management is web based, pages can be renamed rather than redone, images are embedded, easily aligned and the gallery is a snap to create.
Templates are easily created, and fixed pages can be incorporated with a specific template.

Add to that its ease of installation. An intuitive bit of software, Gunther will attempt to infer its configuration based on its surroundings, so with a few permission changes you will be up and running.

With the relative security of Gunther, as well as the speedy response of the team to issues in my personal opinion, we have a winner.
Gunther is worth a second look

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