Getting Listed in DMOZ


Getting traffic to your web site isn’t so difficult if you submit your URL to the right places. However, many of the highest traffic engines are pricey to submit to. There is one directory, DMOZ, that is free and easy to submit to and it can help you get your site listed in the top searches like Google and AOL

What is DMOZ?
Also called the Open Directory Project, or ODP, Dmoz.org is a volunteer run directory that lists submitted web sites by category. Each category has a volunteer editor that accepts sites for their respective category.

Why DMOZ is Important
Although DMOZ isn’t the biggest or most important engine, getting listed at DMOZ can improve chances of getting listed at Google (and ranked higher) and getting listed on other major searches that are powered by the DMOZ directory including: Netscape Search, AOL Search, Lycos, HotBot, DirectHit, and hundreds of others.

The Cost to Submit
The good news- DMOZ is absolutely free to submit to (unlike Yahoo’s directory). The bad news- it can take over a month to get a site listed in the directory- IF your site gets listed at all.

Getting IN
Once you have a good site built and ready to go, read their instructions for submission. Remember this is a human-edited directory. The editors don’t want to waste their time on junk sites. DMOZ goal is to have a quality directory, not the directory with the most sites.

Before submitting a site to DMOZ know in what category of the directory your site would best fit. (Submitting your site to the wrong category can make getting listed take even longer. Your site will be forwarded on to the right category and put on the back of the list again.) Once you’ve got in mind the best category, go to Dmoz.org and submit your site. It will be sent to the volunteer editor of your chosen category.

Submitting to DMOZ
– Go to http://www.dmoz.org
– Select the best category for your site
– Submit Your URL
– And Wait?and wait? and wait
– After 30 days, submit again if necessary

Submitting to DMOZ isn’t the fastest way to get traffic, but it is free and influential for getting your site listed in other popular engines.