Can your web design company increase profits by reselling web hosting packages? What is involved in becoming a web host reseller? Can a company with multiple accounts benefit from reselling?

Choosing a Reseller Hosting Plan

As the web hosting industry continues to boom, many small firms resell backbone web hosting packages under their own private labels. Thousands of companies resell hosting packages to consumers, providing specialty services and their own expert support.

Backbone web hosts are happy to provide small firms the tools and discounts necessary to resell their web hosting plans. This allows the backbone providers to gain customers they normally wouldn’t have had, and the resellers to succeed by earning significant profits. These discounted plans can be quite impressive, in some cases up to 50% less than the regular cost to direct backbone customers. Depending on which additional features your firm provides such as web design, specialized advice, or other types of services you can set the price accordingly. Resellers are often considered individuals who have multiple domains and wish to receive discounts by hosting several of them at a single hosting provider.

If you are planning to resell web hosting packages, there are certain things you’ll want to prepare for. First, a reliable provider is key factor for successful reselling. Second, most hosts will require you to provide customer technical support ? so it’s wise to ensure you have the necessary time or staff to handle this. As a reseller, your web host will provide you online administration tools, however you will be responsible for using these tools online. Many hosting companies also offer resellers more advanced tools than they provide to general users.

As a reseller you can sell the following types of services under your own private-label:

– General web site hosting

– Virtual storefront hosting

– Dedicated Server hosting

– Co-located server hosting

– Additional portal services (e-mail, chat, etc.)

Keeping these in mind, take the time to find a reliable web host providing reseller web hosting plans. Your web host’s reliability will affect yours. If their servers are frequently down, it will end up hurting your company significantly ? customers will look to you to find out why “their” server is down. Look for leading web hosts that can fix problems quickly, and meet the needs of customers efficiently. As a reseller it will be your duty to handle hosting problems directly through your web hosting service. If you end up with a difficulty in fixing a client’s problem, you’ll have to turn to the backbone provider for help. Inquire with the web host whether there are any additional support call costs beyond a certain volume each month.

When looking for a web host providing reseller capabilities, browse company showcases, and read up on monthly rankings. Typically, the most reliable web hosting providers are also going to have the most reliable reseller opportunities. When you resell web hosting plans your web host will provide you with a special discount. Up to a 30% discount is typical – anything above that is exceptional. Keep in mind, the difference in reseller discounts provided to you will make a huge difference in the amount of money your company earns over time. Also be sure to find well-priced web hosting packages to resell in the first place. The industry standard for basic web hosting plans is $19.95 a month for 25-100MB, with 5 GB of data transfer. The other factor to remember is whether you are looking for UNIX or NT-based hosting ? NT is typically higher priced. If you are an international reseller check to make sure your Internet business can contact them during your local working hours ? some companies may not offer 24 hour support.

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