ChatGPT Plugins are Insane.


In this video, I’ll review the best chatGPT plugins that OpenAI just rolled out that you can use for SEO to rank your website higher. I’ll review 7 of the new chatGPT plugins, including WebPilot, Yabble, WorldNews, Bramework, OneWordDomains, Prompt Perfect, and ScholarAI.

Right now, WebPilot is definitely the most powerful SEO plugin with chatGPT. I use it throughout this video, comparing it to chatGPT’s native web-browsing (which we also review) to proof it is the best chatGPT plugin for SEO as of this video’s release.

This tutorial and review video is relevant for affiliate marketers, bloggers, SEOs, business owners, and anyone looking to rank higher on Google’s search results.

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