Beginner’s Guide To SEO Ebook Coming Soon


Beginner's Guide To SEO for Business

Search engine optimization can seem eternally confusing. It’s one of the things that clients want to know about the most, but are also a little intimidated by. There’s tons of SEO advice out there, and unless you understand the jargon, it can seem complex, contradictory and impossible to keep up with. While it’s true that search engine algorithms are always changing, the old saying is still mostly true – the more things change, the more they stay the same. So while it’s defintely handy to keep up on the latest intricacies, there are some solid foundations to always keep in mind.
To that end, I’ve written an ebook called “The Beginner’s Guide To SEO For Business“. It’s focused on people that are managing their own websites and looking to attract clients and customers. It’s WordPress-centric but not exclusive to WordPress users since the principles of SEO apply no matter how your site built.

Over the years of providing online marketing consulting services as well as building a clientele through my own web site, I’ve seen firsthand the kinds of things that work, and that are also realistic to implement for the average business owner. So my goal with the book is lay out a practical process that will serve both search engines and humans in the long run.

I’ll post some teaser content shortly, but for now enjoy the preliminary cover above and sign up for the list to get notified about early bird pricing!