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Using WHM remote authentication

One thing that I have noticed while working with other people developing software that interacts with WHM’s XML API is that they always use basic HTTP authentication. It is okay to use basic authentication, but

Writing an FTP password trap in Perl

Password traps are probably the type of plugin that generates the most support requests at the moment. When creating a password trap, it is important that you use a Function Hook rather than a Custom

Writing a Multi-Server Load Average Monitoring Script in Under 10 Lines of PHP

Mostly the XML API is used for account management; however, there are other features in it that simplify system administration. The most obvious of these functions is the loadavg call. Last year, I wrote a

cPanel 11.25 changes that will affect integrated software

Inside of cPanel 11.25, there are numerous new security features being implemented. These changes can break both cPanel plugins and remote management applications (like billing systems) that integrate with cPanel. Luckily, the changes are all

What A Blog Can Do, And What YOU Have To Do

First the facts:1) A blog integrated into your business website can help your search engine rankings:a) Search engines like regularly updated content. Many business sites are informative but not updated very often so are hard

Dan Zarrella Talks About Re-Tweets

I just discovered Dan Zarrella this evening, and let me tell you – he is a really smart dude. Take a look at this video in which he talks about the viral importance of re-tweets

Let clients use the WordPress Dashboard

In which ZigPress talks about introducing clients to the finer points of managing their sites after launch and handover. Part 1 – It’s Great Although there are a number of ZigPress client projects that use

How do we use Social Networking?

Over the last few months I’ve started to use the popular social and professional networking sites quite a bit – I’m a member of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – which seems quite enough to be

5 Essential WordPress Plugins

If you create sites using WordPress, I’m sure there are certain plugins you find yourself using over and over again – either because they do so much that they can transform a site, or because

Choosing a web host

There are millions of web hosting companies, and there are many things to consider when choosing which one is right for your site. In this post I will try to offer some tips to help


I’ve spent the last few evenings migrating the ZigPress site into WordPress, mainly as a way of gaining more experience of WordPress custom theme and plugin building, now that I’m starting to use WordPress for

Refreshing Your Firefox Profile

I’m a big fan of Firefox, and it’s been my main web browser for as long as I can remember. Partly because it’s pretty good with web standards, and partly because of its huge range


Linux server tip: force reboot/shutdown

Forcing reboot A Linux Server is not Windows XP and if reboot fail you usually still connect by SSH and do something. This commands will show you how to remotely hard reboot machine. Hard reboot


How To Set Up A Load-Balanced MySQL Cluster With MySQL 5.1

This tutorial is based on Falko Timme’s tutorial for MySQL Cluster 5.0. It shows how to configure a MySQL 5.1 cluster with five nodes: 1 x management, 2 x storage nodes and 2 x balancer

Enabling GZip on WAMP

If you use WAMP ( to develop websites on a local PC, then you probably don’t need to enable gzip (server-side file compression to reduce the amount of data transferred when a web page is


How to update Virtuozzo Node to the newest Kernel

Virtuozzo includes a utility to update itself and the included templates. To run this, you will need to ssh into the hardware node and execute the command: vzup2date In order to update the templates, add


E-mail Alert on Root SSH Login

Want to be notified instantly when someone logs into your server as root? No problem, check out this nice tutorial on email notification for root logins. Keeping track of who logs into your server and


Turbo charging MySQL by setting up the query cache

To make sure MySQL uses the query cache, there are a few variables you need to set in the configuration file . Usually its my.cnf or my.ini so check on your server with the shell


Moving mySQL DBs between servers

Moving mySQL DBs from one server to another: mysqldump -uUSER -pPASSWORD txp_database > txp_database.sql puts the entire thing in one nicely portable text file. on a new server it takes mysql -uUSER -pPASSWORD txp_database <


Linux Cron Jobs Explained

Cron allows users to automate repetitive system administration tasks such as tape backups, database reorganization, and general file cleanups (such as emptying log files and queues). The Crontab File’s Syntax To tell cron what you