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The Final 5 Episodes of Crypto Disrupted

Crypto Disrupted Episode 35, 36, 37, 38, and 39: Interviews with David McCarville of Rylely Carlock and Applewhite, Fran Villalba Segerra founder of Internxt, Kevin Brown of, Maximilian Musselius of OSA, and Bruce Silcoff

Don’t Invest in ICO’s

1. Removes Middle Man in a Current Process Essentially one of the most important concepts of Blockchain technology is that it aims to cut out a middle man in a current process. We need that trust


Best MailChimp Templates to Level Up Your Business Email Newsletter 2018

People love MailChimp because of its ease-of-use and beautiful designs. The problem is, it’s often cumbersome to try and use your own customized templates if they’re not specifically optimized for MailChimp. Instead, you end up

Leaders vs. AI: There Ain’t No Such Thing As Artificial Wisdom

Perhaps the most compelling and crucial question at the heart of our present day anxieties about the rise of Artificial Intelligence is this: will machines ever be creative, compassionate, and wise and so transcend our

Crypto Volatility — a trader’s paradise but an investor’s nightmare

VOLATILITY A trader’s paradise but an investor’s nightmare. In essence, volatility can be broken down into two things?—?A measure of human emotions (FOMO buy and panic selling) and lack of liquidity. Human Emotions: We all know

Imagify vs WP Smush vs ShortPixel: Which Is Best for Optimizing WordPress Images? Head-to-Head Comparison

Keeping your website’s performance in top shape is one of the keys to its success. This includes optimizing your images so they aren’t a drain on your site’s resources. However, it can be hard to choose among the top tools for doing so – such as deciding between Imagify vs WP Smush vs ShortPixel.

Using ES6 Generators to generate keys in React

Based on the above, it’s quite obvious how you could use a generator function to dynamically assign keys to elements in a collection. The only thing that such a function has to do is generate


Everything Developers Need To Know About Sending Transactional Email

Let’s imagine you’re developing a new feature or application. The end is in sight. All the complicated infrastructure, databases, APIs, tests are looking good. Then you realize there are key points in the system where

Top 8 YUM ThirdParty Repositories for CentOS and RHEL

YUM (Yellowdog Updater Modified) is an open source, widely used command-line and graphical based package management tool for RPM (RedHat Package Manager) based Linux systems, including, but not limited to, Red Hat Enterprise Linux...

Personal Assistant Kino Part 4 — Smart Feed

Smart Feed I wanted to automate my pattern that check new articles, put them in Pocket, read carefully and move to favorite category. This is why Smart Feed function was created. First, the RSS urls

ETH: Time to Buy?

Rationale: 1) ETH has been underperforming other smart contract platform tokens Ethereum can arguably be considered the highest quality smart contract platform (based on the age, developer ecosystem, market cap, hash power). This is an objective

FDA Launches Crackdown on Juul, Other E-Cigarettes

The agency cites risks of nicotine, particularly on young brains. “The FDA won’t tolerate a whole generation of young people becoming addicted to nicotine,” Commissioner Scott Gottlieb says.

Apple’s Latest iPhones Are Packed With AI Smarts

Apple’s new phones may look similar to last year’s models, but they come with a powerful new A12 processor inside.

Europe’s New Copyright Law Could Change the Web Worldwide

Critics say the law, approved by the European Parliament Wednesday, will force site operators to filter content before posting it, diminishing the experience for users.

Why use a multi-layered approach to securing web servers (LAB at the cPanel conference)

This is a guest blog post provided by the CloudLinux Team! CloudLinux is an alumni sponsor of the annual cPanel Conference.   —————- We all know that layered security is best practice in server protection. Imunify360, the all-encompassing security product from CloudLinux, recently made significant feature upgrades to its multi-layered security. It has improved the way it stops malware and protects your Linux servers from nearly all kinds of attacks.

Elixir — A slice of Shinjuku in Erlang

Shinjuku is a dessert available at Secret Recipe, a Malaysian food chain. This is a must try if you ever visit Secret Recipe. Erlang & Elixir are widely used functional programming language. Elixir runs on


Scaling up The Crypto University

New Courses We have actively iterated on our course content and have just launched several new courses. Students who enrol for our paid courses can avail of a 20% discount?—?simply use the coupon code TWENTY_OFF.

Founder Interviews: Brian Dean of Backlinko

Learn how Brian Dean took his SEO training company from $0 to a growing 7-figure business. Davis Baer: What’s your background, and what are you working on? Brian Dean: I’m Brian Dean, founder and CEO

15 Best Google Fonts by the Numbers (Tips on Usage)

At the time that we’re writing this article, there are 884 different Google Font families available for free. That’s a lot of choices! Which is why …

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Web Scraping with Python and BeautifulSoup

A Simple HTML Document Example <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>Page Title</title></head><body><h1>My First Heading</h1><p>My first paragraph.</p> </body></html> Try it Yourself » Example Explained The <!DOCTYPE html> declaration defines this document to be HTML5 The <html> element is the root element of