Are We The Brink of Collapse? – Truth About Money, AI, Elon Musk & The 2024 Recession | Raoul Pal

Are We The Brink of Collapse? - Truth About Money, AI, Elon Musk & The 2024 Recession | Raoul Pal

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Is this the end of civilization as we know it to be, or the beginning of untapped unimaginable outcomes for all of us?

Raoul Pal has become a legend in global economics as one of the most successful former hedge fund managers (retired at 36), and one of the most brilliant thought leaders that thoroughly understands how to navigate and explain the complexities of the global financial markets.

And as the macro economist that Britain called on for help, his insights into the current recession, global economy, and volatile markets are well respected.

In today’s power-packed episode, we go deep into crypto, AI, and the future of technology and the economy. We touch on:
– The impact of the debt cycle and hyperinflation
– Potential breakthroughs in the tech sector
– The unstoppable nature of technology marked by AI models
– The natural cycle of recessions
– What kind of economic threat A.I. could be to the global economy

Raoul takes us through the complexities of the current economic system, how companies operate during downturns, his predictions for the coming economic cycles and housing markets, and why investing in technologies and cryptocurrencies may be the saving grace in this tumultuous economic construct.

Chapter Markers:
[0:00] The secular trend within the cyclical trend
[38:10] How money becomes worthless
[1:10:01] Recession is already here
[1:50:22] Population collapse problem
[2:21:36] The AI takeover is here
[2:47:56] Assets outside of fake money

Powerful Insights From Raoul Pal:
“The thing that’s actually driving the S&P 500 is the Fed balance sheet. It’s not companies.”

“Once you digitize things the cost goes to zero”

“In my lifetime there’s a 20 or 30 year period which might be a truly extraordinary moment, […] the issue is, we can’t see through the other side of it, and that’s terrifying.”

“If you can afford to, invest in it [A.I.]. If not, be curious.”

“The impossible is possible.”

“Doom porn sells, it catches attention. Fear is the strongest human emotion.”

“It’s in everybody’s interest for everybody to walk away from this one commodity ruling the world because it’s not the commodity we care about, it’s the energy we care about.”

“Demographics are deflationary and inflationary depending where you are in the demographic cycle.”

“Babyboomers, the same people who caused the inflation are causing the deflation, […] because they’re holding money.”

“Nobody wants the debasement of currency, but if you don’t, what is the outcome?”

“There’s a lot of structural issues here, and I don’t think you can do this without government, and I don’t think you can do it without central banks.”

“Nobody’s ever managed to get the business cycle flat, it’s a degree of what volatility you’ll accept.”

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