America Collapsing Like Rome?- Upcoming Recession, WW3, Trump, China & Joe Rogan | Patrick Bet David

America Collapsing Like Rome?- Upcoming Recession, WW3, Trump, China & Joe Rogan | Patrick Bet David

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Life is a game, and we’re here to help you play to win by sharing the tools and mindset necessary to navigate the turbulent waters ahead.

In today’s episode of Impact Theory, Patrick Bet-David and I go deep into leadership, manhood, the uncertain economic landscape, political turmoil, and the realities of success.

Patrick Bet-David is a founder, creator, mentor and highly successful serial entrepreneur who, With his keen insight into global affairs and a mindset that thrives on analyzing potential futures and outcomes, has become a revered thought leader and an intellectual force in predicting and preparing for the unfolding future.

Paranoia can be a powerful tool in taking precautionary measures to safeguard your future, not through fear, but by being alert, aware, and ready for any curveball the world might throw your way.

Patrick and I touch on:
– How to turn paranoia into an action plan
– The impact of gender on society’s infrastructure
– The benefits of eliminating faith in society
– How to balance selfishness, aggression, and power to become a net positive to society
– The balance between selfish and selfless desires in leadership.
– India’s economic strategies against China’s expansion
– Risk on economic stability and investment strategies
– Manhood, strength, and reputation
– Integral role of fathers and earning respect through courage
– Rising debt, economic indicators, and the consequences
– Dollar cost averaging, index funds, and informed investment choices
– Impact of tax structures on population and economic behaviors
– Banking instability, attacks on the dollar, recession fears, and global manufacturing dynamics
– How to cultivate, capture, and use aggression effectively

Get ready to face the hard truths in this interview!

Order your copy of Patrick’s new book “Choose Your Enemies Wisely” here – https://www.chooseyourenemieswisely.com

Chapter Markers:

[0:00] Paranoia into action
[35:34] Master power & influence
[1:09:26] Will America collapse like Rome?
[1:39:12] Urgent warning for men
[2:08:42] How to escape the matrix
[2:31:42] Outsmart everybody else

Powerful Insights From Patrick Bet-David:

“If there’s anybody that should be against printing money, it’s low and middle income families, […] the poor and middle America can’t keep money, they spend it, and when they spend it what do they buy, they buy a product owned by somebody in the S&P 500…[…] money flows up.”

“Middle America is getting smaller and smaller and smaller every single time we print money.”

“Right now you have to be looking at this shit out there. What part of it do I control? What part of it do I have no control over, […] I have to figure out how to increase my market value or else I’m going to get crushed.”

“If you’re going to spend more time on Netflix more time watching all these shows, […] if you’re going to spend more time on that than building value for yourself, learning new skill sets, yes the market’s not going to favor you the next 18 to 36 months.”

“If you have fear, respect, and love, that boy has the highest likelihood of doing something big with his life.”

“If you want to be the guy of the guys, of other guys, you can’t go by the standard as everybody else does.”

“Choose your enemies wisely – it’s business planning for the audacious few, not the timid majority.”

“If you’re going to do something big, you’re automatically going to have some enemies.”

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