AI in 2024 | The Great and The Horrific

AI in 2024 | The Great and The Horrific

In this video, Wes Roth delves into the advancements and predictions for AI, robotics, and cybersecurity in the coming years. He begins by recapping notable AI developments in 2023, including significant releases like GPT-4, and discusses the potential future of AI in various domains like humanoid robotics, open-source AI models, and generative AI in creative fields. Additionally, he touches on the implications of AI in warfare and cybersecurity, pondering the balance between offensive and defensive capabilities. The video concludes with Wes making bold predictions for 2024, spanning areas from open-source AI advancements to the impact of AI on warfare tactics.


[00:00] Introduction: Overview of AI advancements in 2023 and what to expect in 2024, focusing on AI, robotics, and cybersecurity.

[01:50] AI Developments Recap: Recap of significant AI developments in 2023, including GPT-4 and advancements in generative AI.

[04:30] Open Source AI Models: Discussion on the progress and future of open-source AI models, comparing them to proprietary models.

[08:00] AI in Creative Fields: Exploration of generative AI’s impact on music, movies, and art, and its potential to democratize content creation.

[11:45] AI and Cybersecurity: Analysis of AI’s role in cybersecurity, the balance of power in cyber warfare, and potential future scenarios.

[15:10] AI and Physical Robots: Insights into the progress in humanoid robotics and their potential applications.

[18:25] AI in Warfare: Consideration of the growing role of AI in warfare, including autonomous drones and the balance between offense and defense.

[22:00] Predictions for 2024: Wes Roth’s predictions for AI advancements in 2024, including open-source AI and AI in warfare.

[25:30] Closing Thoughts: Concluding remarks on the future of AI and its societal implications.

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