A Generation Poorer Than Their Parents! – Why Men Are Lost, Lazy, Broke & Single | Scott Galloway


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This is a must-watch if you’re wondering why it seems like men today just can’t catch a break. In the next hour you’re going to get a break down of exactly how a generation of men are now poorer than their parents, feeling lost, broke, and still single.

To help me tackle this topic today is Professor Scott Galloway, the brilliant mind behind “No Mercy No Malice,” who has the uncanny ability to dissect the troubling trends facing modern men: less dating, no sex, being poor and not having meaningful relationships.

His take on the shifts in our modern culture and their impact on young men’s financial and emotional states is eye-opening. And while he’s not saying it’s time for male affirmative action, he is saying its seriously past time for real, actionable solutions.

Societal structures, from education to technology, are stacked against stacked men, and we exist in a society that shames men for their ambition, labels them toxic, avoids the uncomfortable questions and passively supports their financial and social frustrations.

We’re peeling back the layers to unveil why guys feel lost, hopeless, and lonely.

But here’s the thing—we’re not about wallowing in the problem; we’re chasing down solutions. From social media regulation and revamping AI governance, to hands-on vocational programs, we’re advocating steps to elevate men and, by extension, society.

Remember, your north star should be fulfilling and embrace the challenges. Without hard things to conquer, life just feels crappy. Prepare to get metaphorically taller and rediscover your purpose.
Chapter Markers:

[00:27] Introduction
[00:27] Lonely Broke Young Men
[26:18] Pornographic Tech & Idolizing AU
[49:27] Making Men Productive Again


“While boys are physically stronger, girls are emotionally and mentally much stronger. So, you have some societal factors producing emotionally weak men.”

“I think we’ve done a great job lifting women up, focusing and trying to address some of the injustices and biases that women have had to endure for a long time. I wouldn’t say that we’ve overcorrected, but I think that people don’t have a sympathetic ear to young men.”

“Empathy is not a zero sum game.”

“When you have a whole cohort of young men who are not going to college, not having the same economic opportunities and have no or little prospects for romantic relationships, you generate the most dangerous person in the world, and that is a lonely broke young man.”

“I’m a technology optimist, but I’m also worried that we’re so fascinated by technology and we suffer in the United States what I call an idolatry of innovators.”

“The cake has never been bigger, we’re just slicing it differently.”

“As parents we use so many sanitary wipes on our child’s lives that they don’t develop their own immunities.”

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