A Coming Recession Worse Than 2008? – Once In A Lifetime Chance To Build Wealth | Codie Sanchez

A Coming Recession Worse Than 2008? - Once In A Lifetime Chance To Build Wealth | Codie Sanchez

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How do you BEAT the hidden theft of MONEY PRINTING?

In today’s episode of Impact Theory, Codie Sanchez is here to discuss how we can escape the hidden theft of money printing so we’re not robbed of the value of our money and BUILD wealth instead of losing it to inflation!

Codie Sanchez is known for her contrarian investment strategies and dedication to empowering marginalized communities. She boasts a varied career that includes a decade spent on Wall Street and in private equity, where she managed substantial investments.

Codie advocates for critical thinking about money and wealth building through unconventional business buying strategies, an example being her work with Contrarian Capital, where she oversees a portfolio of “boring” businesses generating millions in revenue.

We touch on:
– Cultural shifts and the rise of business ownership
– Challenges and rewards of small business ownership
– Bankruptcy as a safety net
– Encouraging risk-taking while young
– Societal aversion to hard work
– (Lack of) Government efficiency and private sector incentives
– The problem with for-profit prison systems
– The value of learning from a diversity of sources
– The importance of all-weather investment strategies
– Developing strategies for recession-resistant businesses
– Potential investment opportunities during economic downturns
– The significance of trying new things to discover personal identity
– The difficulty of finding truth and the impact of narrative on decision-making
– The role of questioning and contrarian thinking in success
– Impact of inflation on money as an “invisible tax”
– The need for non-inflatable ways to save money
– Hard work and its relation to learning and purpose

Codie’s wisdom on the value of inner peace and the joy found in difficulty, coupled with her candid reflections on life’s hardest challenges, will leave you both enthralled and enlightened. So buckle up for a journey filled with contrarian ideas, personal philosophies, and actionable insights that just might change the way you look at the world.

Chapter Markers:

[0:00] Systemic issues & political motivation
[27:39] Gen Z aren’t risk takers
[43:09] Effective work & high-value bets
[56:06] Bankruptcy for a fresh start
[1:19:31] Effective actions to achieve goals
[1:59:37] Joy in the journey
[2:13:44] Unfair advantages in big corps
[2:38:01] Preparing for the worst

Powerful Insights From Codie Sanchez:

“The federal government has turned into a transfer service…they used to provide services to all of us, to citizens. And now if you actually look at the amount of money and where they spend it, they spend most of their money transferring money from those who have made it to those who say that they need it.”

“If you do not listen to channels that are doom and gloom about what might come, then when it comes, one, you won’t recognize it, two, you won’t act on it, and three, you will actually lose from it because somebody else will take advantage of your panic.”

“People are…terrified of failing. And my point is, the US actually has an incredible system called bankruptcy, which a lot of countries don’t have. This is an ability for you to wipe the slate if a business doesn’t work out for you.”

“What a tragedy to let your spark go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the shadows of the could be’s, the what ifs, the maybes.”

“And so in business, everything you’re doing, every decision you make, is really just a determination of, should I do this or this, and which one of those is going to make me more money or more opportunity or more options or better decision making something.”

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