60 Hacking Commands You NEED to Know

60 Hacking Commands You NEED to Know

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Here are the top 60 hacking commands you need to know, complete with a free Kali Linux sandbox link for practice. Learn to scan networks with Nmap, expedite recon with Masscan, and adeptly manipulate packets. Suitable for any skill level, and comes with a downloadable cheat sheet.

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Here’s the shortened list of timestamps with one entry per tool:

00:26 ping
00:56 iftop
01:20 hping3
02:32 ptunnel
03:02 tcpdump
04:00 TomNomNom – vim –
04:31 nmap
06:09 masscan
06:48 John Hammond – sl
08:47 whois
09:04 whatweb
09:29 Nahamsec – curl
12:47 nikto
13:05 gobuster
13:28 apt install seclists
13:37 wget
14:27 sublist3r
14:54 wpscan
16:04 amass
16:22 git
16:53 searchsploit
18:24 John Hammond – sudo chmod +s /bin/bash
21:13 tshark
22:19 timeout
23:24 tmux
24:24 ssh
25:40 nc reverse shell
26:32 nc chat server

Top hacking commands for ethical hackers
Essential Linux commands for penetration testing
Network reconnaissance techniques using Nmap and Masscan
Vulnerability scanning with Nmap scripts and Nikto
Subdomain enumeration using Gobuster and Sublist3r
WordPress vulnerability assessment with WPScan
Exploiting common network protocols with Hping3
Packet capturing and analysis with Tcpdump and Tshark
Bypassing firewalls and IDS using packet fragmentation and decoys
Privilege escalation techniques with SUID binaries
SSH tunneling for secure communication and bypassing restrictions
Network traffic monitoring and bandwidth analysis using Iftop
Conducting TCP traceroutes with Hping3
Tunneling TCP over ICMP with Ptunnel
Searching for exploits using Searchsploit
Streamlining ethical hacking workflow with Tmux
Gathering domain and IP information with Whois and Dig
Identifying website technologies with WhatWeb
Interacting with web services using Curl
Wordlist generation and management with SecLists
Offline packet analysis and filtering with Tshark
Establishing reverse shells with Netcat
Git for managing and updating hacking tools
Advanced text manipulation in Vim for efficient analysis
Enhancing terminal productivity with aliases and functions

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