The Steam Deck – Unexplored Potential

This is a DIFFERENT kind of Steam deck review. Desktops, Docking, and more stuff you have NOT seen! Timestamps: 00:00 Summary of every Steam Deck review 00:40 My Setup 01:29 Steam Deck Desktop 03:35 Installing Unsupported Games 06:10 League of Legends Gameplay 09:06 Handheld Gameplay and Controls 10:45 The future of Steam Deck Support My Work ———————————————————————————– ??…
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Speed Up Linux

I’m seeing big performance increases by adding a single option to the kernel for desktop users. Support My Work ———————————————————————————– ?? Get Updates, Launch Announcements and More ?…
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The Star Trek Operating System

Want to live in LCARS operating system from Star Trek? Well now you can! Website Guide: https://christitus.com/star-trek-os/ Timestamps: 00:00 The Overview of LCARS 01:47 Installation 04:00 Parts of LCARS 06:20 Configuration 10:05 Images and the Creator Read moreInstalling and Configuring your OnApp CloudSupport My Work ———————————————————————————– ??…
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Stop using APT

Debian’s Package management is pretty old and archaic, so let’s fix it. Website Guide: https://christitus.com/stop-using-apt/ Support My Work ———————————————————————————– ?? Get Updates, Launch Announcements and More ?…
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Windows is NOT Safe

There are 5 methods to exploit any windows system and how to harden them to minimize the potential for exploits. Website Guide with Links: https://christitus.com/not-safe-windows/ Support My Work ———————————————————————————– ??…
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