In this video, I teach you 10 different chatGPT prompts focused on SEO. Every prompt can build off the last, resulting in an optimized website that ranks higher, gains more traffic, and makes more money online!

This video is relevant for affiliate marketers, bloggers, SEOs, business owners, and anyone looking to rank higher on Google’s search results.

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???ChatGPT SEO Prompts:
1. From a keyword, create a content plan for every topic and “sub-topic”, for every possible question, within contextual relevancy and hierarchy with logical internal links and anchor texts. The keyword is: [enter keyword here]
2. Create a list of 5 SEO keywords related to the following product description (include LSIs to consider as well):
3. Paraphrase the content below to make it communicate to a 18 y/o without any formal knowledge of jargon or previous understanding of this topic. Make it one paragraph, three sentences, and straight to the point.
4. Create a Key Takeaway Table with two columns, condensing the following information on this article [insert article title]:
5. Write a list of things to do to follow for a perfect backlink strategy to rank the keyword [KEYWORD] on Google. Write a list of websites to reach out for easy backlink building.
6. Which of these websites should I consider for purchasing a backlink from and which should avoid? Write a table describing why I should/should not.
7. Write a succinct, friendly creative outreach email pitching a guest post for [keyword]. Come up with 5 topic suggestions as well, making sure to optimize for LSIs and KWs.
8. Imagine you are starting a new online business [enter niche here]. Develop a comprehensive keyword research strategy to identify high-potential keywords for your business. Consider factors such as search volume, competition level, and relevance to your target audience. Provide a list of primary keywords as well as a set of long-tail keywords to target. Additionally, outline a content plan that incorporates these keywords and discusses various aspects of handmade jewelry, such as designs, materials, care tips, and style guides. Include recommendations for optimizing on-page elements and internal linking to maximize organic traffic and visibility for your website.
9. Create an informational table that highlights the top 10 LSIs (Latent Semantic Indexing) for the keyword ‘healthy recipes’. Include columns that provide the LSI keyword, search volume, competition level, and relevance to the main keyword. Additionally, provide a brief description or definition of each LSI keyword to help readers understand its context and relationship to the main keyword. Organize the table in a visually appealing and user-friendly format, ensuring easy readability and navigation.
10. INPUT EACH OF THE PREVIOUS ONES AS IN THE VIDEO (follow instructions in the video)