What is the reason behind Amazon’s construction of a classified $2 billion cloud for Australia’s military intelligence?

What is the reason behind Amazon's construction of a classified $2 billion cloud for Australia's military intelligence?

Amazon has been awarded a A$2 billion contract by the Australian Signals Directorate to build a Top Secret Cloud for secure data storage of military intelligence. The contract is expected to last over a decade and will involve the construction of three secure data centres at undisclosed locations in Australia. The project aims to bolster Australia’s defence and national intelligence community and enhance the country’s intelligence capabilities and cyber defences. The Top Secret Cloud will be operational by 2027 and is expected to create over 2,000 jobs. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was chosen for its expertise in cloud services and its track record of providing similar services to other governments and organisations worldwide. The cloud will be a private, highly secure system insulated from the public internet, with advanced encryption to protect data. The Australian government will maintain full control over the data stored in the cloud, and only staff with high-level security clearance will work on the project. This move to a secure cloud is part of a broader trend in government and military technology worldwide, with many countries updating their computer systems to take advantage of new technology. The Top Secret Cloud will also facilitate collaboration with partner nations and help Australia stay ahead in the rapidly evolving cyber threat environment.