well…this is embarrassing

well...this is embarrassing

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Dive into NetworkChuck’s latest adventure as he tackles the chaos of his server room, transforming it from a tangled mess into an organized masterpiece with the help of Patchbox. Watch as he shares practical tips on server management, cable organization, and the importance of maintaining a clean IT environment. Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional or just starting out, this video is packed with valuable insights and humor to keep you engaged. Don’t miss the before-and-after transformation and learn how to avoid common server room pitfalls!

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**00:00** – Intro: The Messy Server Room
**00:43** – The Wake-Up Call: Thatchbox Sponsor
**01:30** – Community Server Room Disasters
**02:30** – Project Overview: Cleaning the Server Room
**03:45** – Initial Steps: Fixing Patch Panels
**05:00** – Rewiring Ethernet Cables
**06:30** – Struggles with Patch Panels
**08:00** – Moving Equipment During Work Hours
**09:30** – Unboxing the Patchbox
**11:00** – Installing DevMounts and Patchbox
**13:00** – Replacing the UniFi Switch
**14:30** – Configuring the New MicroTik Switch
**16:00** – Setting Up 80 Gig Connection
**18:00** – Cable Cleanup Begins
**19:30** – Moving Servers and UPS with Help
**21:00** – Configuring Cisco Switch with Intertooth
**23:00** – Final Cable Management and RGB Lights
**25:00** – The Big Reveal: Clean Server Room
**27:00** – Viewer Submissions: Server Room Disasters

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