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Cryptography For Software Engineers

You pay by credit card in an unknown shop. How do you make sure your card is not copied? you type your password into google.com and press send how do you know no one else

Repeatable & Maintainable Development Environments

with Ansible, Vagrant and Continuous Integration Problem Developers need a specific set of software tools to get the job done. You might have new starters in your team OR you need to fundamentally change the

2018: Reflections on trying to start an internet business

On the personal side I interviewed at Facebook, first for front-end, then for full-stack. Considering the year Facebook has had, I’m okay with not getting the job. Roughly around the time I was interviewing at Facebook,

Durable Functions?—?Backend Development Made Easy (And Cheap!)

Thoughts on the new Serverless. Fan-Out/Fan-In Pattern Going serverless with function apps has been quite enticing for some time. Not having to pay for 24/7 infrastructure, but getting complete auto-scaling is a game changer. But

Coding Dynamic Behavior with the Strategy Pattern

How to Leverage Polymorphism at Runtime Photo by Linus Nylund on Unsplash One of the benefits of object-oriented design is the ability for objects to share some behaviors while simultaneously differing in others. Typically, this is achieved

Fire in production!

I guess that most of us have some horror stories to share about running our applications in production. Things that did not work as expected. Things that quickly got out of hand. Or even things

Elixir — A slice of Shinjuku in Erlang

Shinjuku is a dessert available at Secret Recipe, a Malaysian food chain. This is a must try if you ever visit Secret Recipe. Erlang & Elixir are widely used functional programming language. Elixir runs on

First do no harm: 30 Principles that helped me avoid Fly-by Architecture Reviews

Imagine a fly-by architecture review. An architect walks in, looks over, glosses over, though his binoculars. He provide comments that are often too generic or out of context. Comments are often met with deafening silence