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How To Set Up a Network Bridge for LXD Containers

Most of our web applications run in LXD containers. Not without reason LXD is one of the most important features of Ubuntu Server for me. There are many ways to access a web application in

Understanding UFW

I have always been scared of IP tables. If you want to know the reason check out the man page for the same. Though I have heard from many people that IPtables are more robust

Let’s Get Away From Slime Sourcing

Slime sourcing: it’s to the letter of libre licenses, but it’s certainly not to the spirit. Let’s talk about a trend in free and open source software that makes me uncomfortable. Luis Daniel Carbia Cabeza, cc-by

Part 4: Cataloging — How To Install and Set Up Koha For Schools | Open School Solutions

After a long break, we continue today with the series “How to install and set up Koha for schools”. After the system has been installed, the bibliographic framework has been set up and basic settings