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4 Tips on How to Simplify Your Website Design And Win Over New Customers

We’ve all seen a website so busy and unorganized that it literally makes every fiber in your being cringe. I’m talking 0 effort in maintaining a color scheme, fonts galore, tons of pictures everywhere, no

Top 8 Fonts We Expect To See Designers Use in 2020

Fonts are used to embody the style, direction, feeling, and overall vibe you want your current design project to have. Since the year has begun, we’re seeing quite a few font trends. While many people

5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity as a Graphic Designer in 2020

New year, new me. Or for me, as a graphic designer, new year, new designs. Just like writers, sometimes we get a major creativity block. It’s hard to be creativity 24/7, especially when your job

Graphic Design Trends in 2020 You Need To Look Out For

2020 is literally just hours away and we want to talk about 5 graphic design trends in 2020 that you’ll need to be looking out for. We all know that there are some design trends

The New Facebook Logo and Reasons Behind This Change

[source] Facebook has been around for 15 years and we all know that it needs little to no introduction. With a boasting 1.63 billion daily active users, Facebook is easily the most popular app to

5 Creative Web Design Trends for Small Businesses in 2019

If you are the owner of a small business, then you know just how hard it is for you and your business to stand out of the crowd.    Especially when you live in a

The Best of Logo Redesigns in 2019 – Our Top 8 Picks

You know the saying, out with the old and in with the new!    And 2019 was definitely a big year of change.   With each new year, comes new changes, and we’re greatly anticipating

Inspirational Designer of The Week – Meet Aurélien Salomon

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Inspirational Designer of The Week! Today, I’m honored to welcome Aurélien Salomon to the scene. https://storage.googleapis.com/webdesignledger.pub.network/WDL/dribbble_-_emotion_3.mp4 [source] Aurélien Salomon is an exceptionally talented French UI/UX designer who plays by

32 Jolly Christmas Card Design Ideas – The Best of Christmas Card Graphic Design

Creativity is sparking and so is the fire in the fireplace. Christmas time is almost here! With Christmas being only a few weeks away, it’s the perfect time to start getting your Christmas cards ready.

Inspirational Designer of The Week – Meet Gal Shir

Welcome to this edition of Web Design Ledger’s Inspirational Designer of the Week! And now, I’d like to welcome Gal Shir to the scene, our pick for the most inspirational designer of the week.  

12 Free Christmas Fonts for You to Use to Spread Christmas Cheer

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now it’s time to start preparing for Christmas designs if you haven’t already! We provided you with what we believe to be the ultimate list of free Christmas design

Warner Bros New Logo Design and Identity – Honest Thoughts?

Warner Bros. https://storage.googleapis.com/webdesignledger.pub.network/WDL/p-1-90429745-pentagram-tackles-its-dream-job-warner-bros-studios.webm   Don’t those two words just spark loads of childhood memories for you?    Anyone else?   Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Friends, and basically all good movies/shows ever!   I

The Ultimate Collection of Free Christmas Design Resources

With Christmas coming up very soon, you might be swamped with Christmas-themed designs.   Everyone wants to get their job done as efficiently and quickly as possible.    That’s why I collected loads of free

The 10 Elements of Every Great Logo + 10 Logo Examples

When establishing a brand, you should never put your logo on the back burner.    If your logo doesn’t represent you well or it looks unprofessional, then your customers are going to bounce, leaving your

The Best Packaging Design Ideas for 2019 You Need to See

Your product could be the most amazing and useful product in the world, but if your packaging is not on point, then your entire business could be in some major trouble. Imagine this scenario: You’ve

The Ultimate Collection of Free Design Rersources

I believe I speak for everyone when I say that I love to find amazing, high-quality design resources for free.  Sometimes, when you’re in the middle of a design process, you find that you’re about

2019 Newsletter Design Trends You Have to Know About

As we continue through this eventful 2019, there are many newsletter design trends that have already come and gone. But, there are also quite a few that have stuck around, and even more that are

Dark UI: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Dark design is and always will be a trend. The level of darkness will always vary, but basically, it’s really hard to screw up a simple, dark design. This is especially true for dark UI

What The Heck is Conversational Design and Why You Should Know About It

In the golden era of technology, we as humans find ourselves less fascinated by the machine-like design most websites boast, and more attracted to conversational design. But, that does leave us with one overwhelming question:

What Most People Don’t Tell You About Designing Your Own Logo

For a lot of people, the first thing they think of when they hear the names of big companies is their logo. In truth, the logo is probably the biggest marketing decision you can make.